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ORMUS nano-minerals

ORMUS nano-minerals

ORMUS nano-minerals

I am still surprised that most people remain unaware of m-state minerals, as David Hudson called them. Back in 1995 David Hudson went on a lecture tour to promote his discovery, or a re-discovery of an ancient knowledge. He started a movement from which a virtual alternative health community continues to grow. You can hear David Wolfe speak about ormus, and recently I saw an announcement of availability of ormus-green superfood. Just so you know, we have been adding ormus gold, rhodium, and iridium to the Exsula superfoods since 1997. That’s how Iridesca got its name alchemical iridium.

The ormus minerals are known as m-state or nano-minerals and they aren’t your ordinary everyday minerals. They have been called orme, Ormus, Manna and White gold. Nano-minerals are still quite mysterious to us and they have a tendency to defy all known rules. They are the elements from the platinum group, metals, yet they behave like minerals. Nano-minerals can be described as two-dimensional subatomic particles that have no volume, but a large surface area. The are likely responsible for many functions at the cellular membrane.

They exist in a non-metallic, crystalline form. In this form they are undetectable by chemical analysis (like spectral analysis) as it is typically used, they are chemically inert and show superconductive properties. I could use Carbon as an analogy for this phenomenon you may be familiar with its states. Pure carbon can exist as either charcoal or diamonds. It obviously behaves very differently in each state. This concept applies to many different elements, though many people don’t know it. Gold, for example, can exist in a solid yellow metallic form, but also can exist in monatomic form as clear as glass.

The metallic form is conductive, pliable and shiny. The crystalline form looks like crushed diamonds or glass. Upon first glance, you probably wouldn’t be able to differentiate it from the sand you see at the beach. Nano-minerals can be extracted from natural sources such as salt water. When extracted like this they take on the appearance of either calcium or magnesium carbonate. When you try to analyze it using standard chemical analysis you will get just that, and yet, with a few alchemical steps you can prove that the solution is full of crystallized metals.

Coral calcium is a great example: the sea creatures concentrate the ormus minerals within their structures. Producers of nutritional supplements have promoted the benefits of calcium, but what if it was the high ormus content of the corals, pearls, oyster shells that was responsible for the health benefits? Ormus minerals promote the expression of the innate intelligence of the organism. They support a more integrated, holistic state of functioning. This is why in ancient times they were known as the Food of the Gods and were the key to growing in body, mind and spirit, with compassion, love and light.

Author: Life Enthusiast

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