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Magnesium and Iodine for Hormonal Health: Podcast 46

by Martin Pytela

Martin Pytela and his long-time co-host Scott Paton once again deliver an engaging, educational podcast episode. The topic is Hormonal System working on understanding the underlying issues of many chronic health problems.

Throughout the discussion, Martin and Scott touch on two important methods you can use to balance hormones and restore proper cellular health. Cellular health is so important because each cell contains its own life force which combines with others to produce a full-fledged life form. If the cells aren't communicating properly with each other, or if they are not performing their intended function, its no wonder you are not feeling right!

One of the better ways to reassert proper cellular health is with Magnesium Supplementation. Known to soothe the nervous system, it provides deep rest and produces amino acids which are a very important part of the chemical processes which are going on at all times throughout your body.

The next solution is no secret to those who live near the ocean. Kelp and Seaweed, rich in iodine, have been prized by coastal peoples for millennia. Natives were known to trade with inland tribes, and in return for their kelp, the most prized possessions of the islanders. It should come at no surprise then that Kelp and Seaweed have tremendous healing powers. Modern scientific analysis is showing us that edible seaweed leads to longer lasting life and less mineral depletion throughout the bloodstream.

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