A decline in testosterone can affect a man’s body. Aging Male Syndrome can include these signs:

  • Feeling fat/weight gain
  • Problems sleeping
  • Less interest in sex
  • Feeling irritable or angry
  • Loss of motivation
  • Loss of drive at work
  • Erection problems
  • Nervousness
  • Problems with memory and concentration
  • Indecisiveness
  • Lower self-confidence
  • Tiredness
  • Muscle loss
  • Increased urination
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of energy
  • Bone loss
  • Hair loss

Life Enthusiast podcast 055 – The Aging Male Syndrome

Scott: Alright every one you are listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and the rest of the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin: Doing great Scott thanks for asking. Are you?

Scott: I’m actually having a tough time Martin and I wrote a list down of everything I’ve been feeling as a fifty-odd year old guy and I’m hoping that you can give me some insights. So first of all I’m feeling a little fatter than normal. I haven’t actually been gaining weight but I’ve got this little paunch that I haven’t been able to get rid of. I’m having problems sleeping, I’m less interested in sex, and I’m feeling irritable or angry. I’m finding my motivation, my drive is kind of mediocre, It’s kind of like oh man I’m not nearly as motivated as I should be. My drive to work and I don’t mean getting in my car and driving to work I mean my drive at work seems to be dropping, nervousness, problems with memory, concentration, indecisiveness yeah know should I get on this pod cast and do the show today or should I not. Lower self confidence, feeling tired, bone loss, going to the bathroom more often, little depressed, mood swings not as energetic as I feel I should be and of course as you know the hair is getting thinner on top.

Martin: So you know it sounds like your reading it straight from a list of the aging male syndrome.

Scott: That’s exactly where I got it from and I know that a lot of the guys listening to this can relate to a few of these, if not all of them and what’s really interesting is I have a friend who is very fit, gets a lot of exercise, works out, twenty years younger than me and he noticed that he was putting on a little bit of weight and he said no problem Scott, I just do this, this and this and it drops off like hot butter on a stove sort of thing and he came back about three or four months later or it came up again three or four months later, we were talking and he said I can’t believe how hard it has been for me to lose that weight, like it’s really difficult.

Martin: So let me guess he turned about thirty five.

Scott: He’s getting pretty close to that age.

Martin: Here’s what happens, when you’re young loaded with hormones and loaded with enzymes up to about 27, 28 things are working fine, you can abuse it, you’re bullet proof, you’ll never die kind of guy.

Scott: Something happens when we hit our mid thirties and on.

Martin: There’s another drop off curve, it goes in stages and there’s the first notice you get in your mid thirties and then there’s the next notice you get five or six years later and then there is another notice you get a little later. I was just talking to my 59 year old friend and he said you know I couldn’t be less interested in sex.

Scott: Ouch, that’s depressing.

Martin: Well maybe, maybe not. He’s just not interested. It’s not that he can’t get it on and do it, he’s just not interested at getting to the point where he is in an erotic or sexual situation.

Scott: Has he always been like that?

Martin: No, married three times and very active, ladies’ man really but he couldn’t care less. He still goes out with female friends and they are just shocked cause he says NO, no sex required I’m just not into it. Of course you will notice that the erectile dysfunction, ED is behind this huge popularity of these blue pills. That’s behind all the e-mail spam you are getting about Cialis and Viagra and that stuff. The reason you are getting it is because it’s working, people are buying. If the sales weren’t happening the spammers would stop but they are making money and the reason they are making money is because the baby boomers are in their 45 to 65 year range so the majority are in the spot where things aren’t working like they used to.

Scott: And it scares us like you wouldn’t believe because we want those things to be working very well.

Martin: Well I’m 55 now and about three years ago I had one of those moments where things went downhill pretty quick and my symptoms showed up as nervousness, feeling irritable and angry and tiredness and it was like I didn’t know who this jackass was that had moved into my body. I mean honestly I was wondering what was going on. Then I did some research on it and saw it was all related to this aging male syndrome.

When the mainstream medicine doesn’t have a clue what to do with something they invent a syndrome. It’s just a grab a bag of symptoms that they just throw into the same pile and call it a syndrome but there is a whole bunch of underlying issues that is causing all this. You know that list that you went over like hair loss that has to do with toxicity, bone loss that has to do with the pH balance in your lymphatic system, loss of energy lots of complicated things but mostly the function of the adrenals and thyroid, depression that’s related to the toxicity of the liver, increased urination and what they mean by that is that you have increased frequency, you have to get up once or twice a night to go urinate and that’s mostly because of the acidity of the urine. The urgency is triggered by the pH of the urine and the more acidic it is the more often you have to go. Guys with cancer, they have to get up ten, twelve times a night. Once again it’s a warning sign your body is trying to get rid of the acidity that’s in you.

Scott: So what are some things we can do to balance the body or combat these problems?

Martin: It’s so simple it’s almost pathetic. It’s the number one and number to on our health education pages. Number one is detoxify and number two is to nourish, number three is balance and number four is get your life in order. Well so about detox the number one issue that comes up is the toxicity of the lymphatic system so if you do have the money get yourself an ionic foot spa. So two or three times a week you can soak your feet in this wonderful electrolyzing device, it will suck the stuff out of you very nicely or else at least get some foot pouches, the traditional Chinese foot pouches or the Miracle 2 baths we talked about that. The Miracle soap and neutralizer in your bath will draw out of your body a whole bunch of acidic toxins so that’s number one. Number two sauna is great; sweating is great because a lot of toxins can be pushed out through the skin.

Scott: Oh good so all the hot yoga that I’ve been doing is very helpful.

Martin: Absolutely, you’re doing the right thing. You know we humans are supposed to sweat, we are meant to work, we are meant to have physical exertion so that we sweat at least three times a week to get stuff out and whether it’s a sauna or a vigorous work out or yoga or whatever. If you can find yourself a partner and get really sweaty well you know. That would be nice.

Scott: Even if the sex drive isn’t high you’re doing it so you can clean out your lymphatic system.

Martin: Yeah, that’s it. Could you please help me get hot and sweaty under the sheets? In fact you could sell it to your partner by saying I would like to help you detoxify. So anyway, that’s the detox side of things. The other bit is that you need to nourish your body. It starts from the minerals and then goes to the vitamins and other phyto-nutrients that are required on the whole thing to function correctly. You know the whole aging male syndrome is correlated with the lower levels of the testosterone. Well how does that happen? The testosterone actually created by our endocrine system and the precursor of testosterone as well as the precursor of progesterone is the DHEA specifically Dehydroepiandrosterone which is like a universal building block for the hormonal system. I don’t know if you remember we were talking about the studies that Dr Shealy did, on the use of magnesium supplementation, magnesium oil that has been treated with the laminar crystal. Well so we have those studies still on the web site, it shows that 48 out of 50 people improved their levels and all of them improved their levels of DHEAs which is important hormone that gives you the ability to create the testosterone naturally. So magnesium supplementation put it in your bath or spray it on after your shower.

Scott: When you think of the price of doing that rather than the price of hormonal therapies and all that stuff it’s just amazing.

Martin: Oh gosh yes, I can get you fixed up for about 100 dollars a month, if you go the medical route you will be spending 500, 600 dollars a month easily. Never mind the money, if you look at the risks of the testosterone therapy, number one higher chance of prostate cancer, number two difficulty passing urine, number three liver damage, number four sleep apnea, breast tenderness and swelling your testicles will get smaller you will have fertility problems, you may have skin reactions if you’re doing the patches. You are expecting to have pain, bruising and soreness if you are doing the injections. You will have fluid retention, you are likely to get acne, you will likely increase body hair and you will likely have oily skin.

Here are the precautions if you are thinking of starting the testosterone replacement therapy, number one get a prostate specific antigen test, you know the PSA test that you’re supposed to take to make sure that you don’t have prostate cancer. The second thing you should get is your rectal prostate exam. Someone, well the doctor should feel that the prostate is not enlarged; it’s in the right shape, place and all of that. Then you need to have you hemoglobin and hematocrit levels tested and all of this preparation that you just might be heading to prostate cancer because if you do increase your testosterone levels while your cancer is active it’s going to run quicker. How would you like to instead do some detox, take some natural super food and soak in a bath tub filled with bath crystals?

Scott: That sounds much better to me.

Martin: And you know what the worst is that we don’t make as much money on it as the pharmaceutical industry does on their therapies. You know I just remember it costs about 20 cents to make a pill of Viagra right? And it retails for 10 bucks a shot. The money they make on this stuff is just astounding and that’s why they can afford all these advertisements on television.

Scott: And all the spam.

Martin: Well the spam is from the retailers. Well maybe not, maybe it’s really coming from the big companies now, too.

Scott: That’s very interesting.

Martin: So my aging male friends, the solution is actually identical to all of the other degenerative diseases. A degenerative disease means that your body is not regenerating it’s degenerating and that means that you’re heading towards the inevitable, the grave, but how are you going to arrive at it, in a completely exhausted dilapidated body that for the last 15 years you’ve spent sitting in a wheel chair having someone push you around or surfing. What I want to say is this, it’s the same lifestyle issue, it’s the same supplement issue, and it’s the same cleansing issue that we need to apply to the body that we have been advocating in all of these sessions. Number one, get yourself on superfoods and especially if you can get yourself on good superfoods like the ones we make because we make sure that all of the important ingredients are in it. Like sufficient dosage of kelp and enough of the essential fatty acids so that it would prevent weight gain, enough of folate from plants and minerals that you require to maintain overall health.

Scott: And that’s really the key isn’t it?

Martin: Yes, stay ahead of it. By the way it’s a lot easier to prevent it then to have to claw it back. Sorry it’s too late for me or you, we’ll have to claw it back. We have to do it the hard way because once you get behind the eight ball so to speak it’s tougher but how will you explain it to your 35 year old friend? How do you explain to him that he has to get on the super foods now and stay on them? How do you explain to him that he has to alkalize not acidify his body, that some of the practices that he is doing are just going to pay back very negative dividends in fifteen, twenty years down the line.

Scott: I guess all I can do is be an example, right?

Martin: Yes, unfortunately we are being examples both in the bad sense and the good sense.

Scott: Because I don’t know if I would listen to me if I was thirty five.

Martin: That’s the biggest challenge, I remember especially when I was about 25 I didn’t conceive of this stuff. When I was thirty five I was in crisis – I just started doing my research. It took me ten years to learn and understand what was really behind all of this and it’s taken me the next ten years to finally feel better at 55 then I felt at 35.

Scott: But I guess that’s the good news, right?

Martin: Yes, imagine when you get up in the morning with a smile, feeling joyful wondering what great things are going to happen today as opposed to waking up toxic, with toxic thoughts, feeling depressed and gloomy and living another shitty day of a shitty life.

Scott: And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Martin: No! It’s a chemical balance in your body.

Scott: Give up the Big Mac or the Whopper every night and replace it with some greens and some relaxation and magnesium spas like bathing and go to hot yoga three times a week to sweat things out and you’ll be in good shape.

Martin: So it is possible for the aging male to give up his syndrome and get the groove back. It is back. I want to report this thing that was bothering me three or four years ago, the irritability and all that it’s a thing of the past. I detoxed it away. So folks just join us in aging gracefully and peacefully.

Scott: It’s not hard, an easy thing to do. That’s the thing that amazes me like when you totally convinced me, my experience has been, having magnesium baths is wonderful. In terms of feeling better, feeling up lifted, being healthier all that sort of stuff and who knew that it could be that easy and feel that good doing it as opposed to doing all these things that people try to do to feel better and actually put a lot of stress on the system.

Martin: Well you can’t really get yourself better by doing more of the wrong things and so when you take yourself to the pharmaceutical dispensary called the medical system all they know to do is throw more toxins at you. To me that’s just like hunting gophers with a hammer, meaning you show up at a hole and you see a gopher and you hit at it. Well number one, good luck, number two, the gopher disappears which is predictable but in thirty or fifty seconds more he’s going to pop up at a different hole.

Scott: I used to play that game. There is a game that little gophers pop up and you’ve got this big mallet and you try and hit them on the head and they go faster and faster.

Martin: Yes, that’s the one and that’s exactly how it works when you try and heal yourself with drugs because all you’re doing is chasing symptoms and you’re trying to smack the symptoms down with a symptom suppressing drug. You can’t win that, there is just no winning. It’s a downward spiral towards more toxicity, when eventually you overwhelm the eliminative system and you crash and you go through another floor where you retire from being able bodied to being sick minded, to being wheel chair bound to being hospital bed bound to however long it takes you to finally die.

Scott: What a sad way that is to live.

Martin: Well trust your body to the pharmaceutical system and that’s what they will get you, everyone of them. I guess I’m a little political, am I not?

Scott: Just a bit. That’s why I like to listen to you.

Martin: Well there is alternative and that’s why we are calling this alternative health. It’s an alternative to that sick, crazy system that essentially sentences you to a gradual decline.

Scott: That’s the sad part too that it’s not like you feel great one day and lousy the next, you wake up twenty years later thinking wow I don’t feel as good as I did twenty years ago, if I can remember how good that felt.

Martin: Well fortunately or mercifully your memory goes too so you won’t remember it.

Scott: I guess that’s merciful but I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

Martin: It’s not a good thing. So my male friends if you want to keep your marriage don’t get crabby and cranky or irritable stay detoxified. If you want to stay relaxed and not upset by the slightest thing add your magnesium to your regime and if you want to keep your stick up eat some super foods.

Scott: So Martin if somebody wanted to learn more about all this, where could they go or what could they do?

Martin: Well my preference is that they call us, LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com where the podcast came from. www.life-enthusiast.com is the web site address and that’s spelled ENTHUSIAST.com

Scott: There are hundreds and hundreds of articles there that people can read and find out more about all different things.

Martin: Including the one on aging male and they can telephone at 1-866-543-3388, we are open from 8 am to 8 pm Pacific time.

Scott: You’ve been getting lots of calls lately.

Martin: Yes, absolutely, calls are coming in and we’ve been doing a lot of consultations and we are getting more and more confident in what we do because the results are showing. Just the other day I was talking to a lady she’s been on the phone with me maybe ten, twelve times, the first few in tears just crying in tears, what am I going to do I feel so horrendous? This is full Candida, dysbiosis of the digestive system, fibromyalgia and everything hurts. It’s just a disaster. I walked her through it, talked her through it. The first two weeks after you put yourself on the detox system it is tough. She called several times just crying so I helped her resolve the issues and two months into it she says “I didn’t know I could feel this good!” Three months into it she is just elated you know, wow I have energy I can’t believe it. I have ENERGY!

Just yesterday I got a call from a lady she is supposed to be dying of cancer and I said stage 2 is not a death sentence that’s a warning! Of course many people think cancer, that’s a death sentence but it’s not. So anyway we put her on super foods and changed her diet a little bit and she called two weeks into it and says I did my spring cleaning, I can’t believe the energy I have.

Alright so you can cleanse your body and nourish your body to health and energy, it’s possible. I promise you.

Scott: Why not take the chance? What do you have to lose when you have everything to gain?

Martin: Why not take a chance at having a good life.

Scott: Well everybody we are just about out of time for this wonderful episode. Thank you Martin you have shared some wonderful information once again. I hope giving everybody lots of hope. That’s our hope that we’ve given you hope. Until next time, Martin do you want to get the last word in here?

Martin: Well thank you everybody for listening, this is life enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet, good bye.

Author: Martin Pytela