The Salba Seeds discussed in this podcast are no longer available on our website. The Salba is the light-colored variety of chia. It does have a better profile than the regular black chia. Chia is now readily available in grocery stores, and we specialize in items that are more difficult to source. We still use chia in our Exsula Superfoods as one of the ingredients.

Life Enthusiast podcast 060 – Chia Seeds

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin How you doing today?

Martin: Doing good Scott, how are you?

Scott: Excellent, well we’ve been having some fascinating episodes and I’ve really been enjoying them and I’ve been learning a lot and I’m very excited because you told me before we went on the air that we are going to be talking about a brand, a new line that you have added to the life Enthusiast co-op group of products and I’m very curious to know what it is and how it’s going to help me improve my health.

Martin: Well the products are called Salba, Salba seeds. Salba is a word made up from Salvia Alba. Salvia is the Latin name for chia so Salvia Hispanica is a good old Chia. Most people think the Chia pet and the Chia seed and I take the seed and I wet it and little grass will grow. Well it turns out that the Chia grain when milled or chewed and mixed with water creates a very nutrient rich supply of calories that are not fast rising, high in glycemic index stuff like starch or sugar but instead are very slow burn, slow digesting, excellent energy source. In fact the tradition has it that the Aztecs, you know the folks that lived in the high plains of Mexico have cultivated and eaten this grain. In fact Aztec warriors when they went on their military campaign would only be issued a bag of Chia seeds which they would have munched on as they went. So water and Chia, they could go for days.

Scott: Salba, this particular brand is from Peru I understand.

Martin: There is a particular strain that has been selected; this is not genetic mortification this is your basic selective breeding where some of the Chia seeds are actually blonde. They are much higher vibration, they are more digestible, and their nutrients are nicer. We have tested it. We use the Chia seed in the exola products super foods. Have been for the longest time and have been using the ordinary Chia seeds but now that I have brought this white Chia on board, Jevari just couldn’t wait, he said I’m switching all of it. I’m switching straight to the white Chia, this is so much better.

Scott: Okay so some of the advantages of the Salba seed is it’s a better source of omega 3’s, anti oxidants, fiber those sorts of things right?

Martin: It’s an amazing product. Somebody took the trouble to actually list all the characteristics of the products. I have some of them posted on the web site. For instance eight times more omega threes than salmon. You know you hear how wonderful salmon is to get omega threes and you understand omega threes, they are the fatty acids, they help restore all your functions to your cells, skin and or internal, all of that. We all know how much we need the omega threes. So eight times denser than salmon or how about this four times more dietary fiber than flax seed.

Scott: Wow that’s a lot of fiber.

Martin: Again fiber is extremely important in your digestive system. Most Americans are supposed to have something like 35 to 40 grams of fiber a day and a typical person gets 7 to 10. So again, a handful of Salba is a wonderful idea,

Scott: And that’s going to help you with high blood pressure or high levels of cholesterol in your blood.

Martin: Yeah, it will scrub all the cholesterol out of there, out of your system and also anybody who has any diabetic tendencies, this is the tool.

Scott: Well the next one I think you’re going to talk about is blueberries which are my absolute favorite fruit.

Martin: Three times more antioxidants than blueberries. You know blueberries are rich in antioxidants for sure and yet Salba is even better. So weight for weight you would need to eat one cup of Salba or three cups of blueberries just to get the equivalent amount of antioxidants. Magnesium, fifteen times more magnesium than broccoli.

Scott: We talk about magnesium all the time.

Martin: We tell people that you cannot get enough magnesium from the foods you eat. Well that’s because the broccoli and lettuce just don’t have it. Salba has fifteen times the density of minerals than the typical field vegetables. That’s because it’s a seed, the plant concentrates the nutrients from the root in the soil into the seed. That’s because that’s what it’s going to use to seed the next generation. We’ve been talking about seeds in our recent episode about raspberries. You know all of the energy is concentrated in the seed. This is a similar situation where the plant puts a lot of energy into these tiny little balls that contain all of the nutrients. How about this, do you recall that people promote oranges as a great source of vitamins?

Scott: Yeah, all the time.

Martin: Well guess what? Salba has seven times the vitamin seed than oranges, weight for weight. Is that surprising or what?

Scott: Amazing.

Martin: Calcium, or six times more calcium than milk. Again it is the same story we tell you that you should be able to get minerals out of the vegetables that you eat but the fields are depleted and have been for generations now. It’s just not in vegetables anymore so if you supplement Salba, you do yourself a favor. I don’t know do I need to add it on, pile it on? One more important is iron, iron is really important; you know the one most popular plant source in iron has been spinach. You remember Popeye, he was so strong. Drink your spinach, I guess eat your spinach. Well Salba has three times more iron than spinach. So that’s why we brought it on, it’s a phenomenal product. It’s a high density nutrient, it’s available in either whole grains which I think is the best way to do it. You can either crunch them up with your own teeth or run them through a blender to crush them up. They need to be wetted for proper use, chew them properly.

Scott: I was going to say one of the things we talked about previous to coming on the air was that if people had problems with celiac disease this would be a great thing for them to use.

Martin: Absolutely, Chia is gluten free.

Scott: And you had mentioned that everybody has a problem but if you have celiac disease you’ve got it worse, everybody has the same problem.

Martin: If you eat a lot of gluten foods, gluten rich foods like spaghetti, breads and that sort of stuff. You end up creating mucous in your gut. Actually if you see people walking around with these dark circles under their eyes, that’s so typical and women buy all kinds of creams to cover it up the dark circles under their eyes. Those are food allergies; those are manifestations of food allergies. I just don’t understand why people don’t know this in the main stream but it is so. If you don’t want to have dark circles under your eyes get some sleep and number two don’t eat foods that irritate you and glutton is the number one common irritant, the second most common is casing from milk. So if you are drinking milk because you want to get more calcium well there is six times more calcium in Salba than milk.

Scott: A far better solution.

Martin: Absolutely, no irritation, no dark circles under your eyes. Come on girls get with the program.

Scott: It sounds like a solution to a big problem that many of us don’t even know we’ve got.

Martin: It’s an excellent product, it’s a better choice than most of the vegetables we take other wise and currently it is grown in the dessert areas in Peru. That’s another interesting point, if something grows in really harsh conditions are very strong. For instance in the Exsula super foods we use Atacama Spirulina which is grown in the high elevations in Chile or we use bee pollen from Yukon. You know way up north where life is really hard for the plants, we harvest the pollen, well the bees harvest the pollen we buy it. The other choice is high altitude alpine meadow which is similar to that. You either get there by high elevation or latitude. You know plants that live in really harsh conditions they create nutrients that are dense, powerful, intense.

Scott: That makes a very big difference.

Martin: So same for this Chia, this is not just some low-land; water me every day like broccoli or asparagus. It’s a tough little thing that is filled with nutrients to make it.

Scott: That’s a really good way of putting it. I was just trying to think of the last time anybody put it that way but I think you’ve hit on a really good point. Where life has to struggle the plant and the fruit of the plant has to be strong.

Martin: Let’s just say the metaphor holds even for us here. Like the way you can develop a muscle, effort against resistance. So Salba folks it’s a grain given theistic given by the gods. Thank god it stayed with us, they kept cultivating it and growing it.

Scott: And it survived all the way till today.

Martin: So Salba seed is really good as a supplement that will help you correct the omega threes versus omega sixes versus omega nine ratios. Getting the right kind of fats into your body, this is crucial, critical. One important thing in non immune active. This product is not triggering any allergies.

Scott: Oh, interesting because we just talked about allergies in a previous pod cast and how important it is to look after that aspect.

Martin: So the Salba will become compatible with all diets, even the celiac diets, which is of course the most sensitive people. So here’s what you can expect, more energy, clearer skin, healthier hair, improved bone health, improved joint health, improved allergy response or less of it. And the stuff it will help you get rid of, number one cardio vascular Howe disease, cardio vascular and heart disease that would be the cholesterol you mentioned earlier. Management of diabetes, this is the glutton free, low glycemic index type of effect, low coronary heart disease, this is the omega three acids which lower the inflammation in the body. Weight management like obesity, again when you have nutrients that are harder to extract from the plant when you body feels full and satisfied, pounding on unnecessary calories and then reduced depression and that’s the omegas and then lesser chance of breast, colon or prostate cancer.

Scott: Wow and I think it would be good to share some of the success stories we’ve got on the website from people who have used this. Were you going to say something before I jumped in with that comment?

Martin: Sure you bet. No, these stories simple illustrate the things we had already just said. You will have improvement in just about any chronic condition in the body. They are caused by the metabolic stress, the oxidative stress. They include the cancers and the heart disease and the digestive the big three’s. You have the diabetes, the cancer and the circulatory health problems. Seventy five percent of the population dies from one of these three and this product addresses the trouble about dietary choices we make. All of our chronic health conditions develop on the back of the diets. We dig our graves with our own teeth.

Scott: I want to share one of the testimonials or user reports from a person down in Texas that really stuck out in my mind. That person wrote, today my family and I started our annual pre spring cleaning of our back yard and of course as we are recording this episode it’s the spring and to my surprise I found myself to be in physically better shape now then perhaps fifteen, twenty years ago and performed the heavy labor to prepare the grounds as required. It’s amazing that if you’re in the realm or regime of taking Salba you don’t feel super power wellness until you put your body to task. After having taken medication for twenty years for which I never reached my current plateau readings of 23 over 72 with a pulse rate of 65. I am happy to inform you that I have reached my personal goal that I have wanted to reach for such a long time. Engoro Texas. I thought wow that’s very cool.

Martin: Or here’s a doctor writing, it helps to control hunger. Salba stops that blood sugar drop which keeps you out of the hunger zone. Salba at breakfast smooth’s out the sugar peaks and valleys that make us uncontrollably hungry. The single worst way to start a day is to have a bowl of high glycemic index cereal. It’s an absolute crime that our children are inducted in these asinine television commercials to start a day with a bowl of cheerios which is not the worst of it but corn flakes.

Scott: Sugar pops.

Martin: Oh god. Anyway if you can convince your kid at least by sneaking a couple table spoons of chia or by the way we have the ordinary Chia available as well for folks that find the 25 dollars for a bottle of Salba a little steep. We sell a five pound bag of Chia for 90 bucks or we sell a one pound of Chia for 20. So for the folks that think it’s just a little too much we have the regular Chia which is not bad but that’s the stuff the Aztecs ate. The Salba is the select best grade.

Scott: Very cool. Well that’s just amazing information once again. Thank you very much for sharing it with us and making it available, this is not something that people could just find anywhere.

Martin: Well it’s becoming more popular as whole foods are great gaining some tension and some ground. It can be found in them and in stores. You can find them in health food stores but heck if you’re already getting some good things from us add a bag of Chia to it.

Scott: Exactly. Okay Martin if someone wanted to know more about the Chia or the Salba brand how could they get a hold of you?

Martin: Well the information about this is on our website, under brands look for Salba, under ingredients look for Chia, it’s in the grains and we also have it under the Exsula brand for the plain not fancy packaging of the Chia. We are also available by the phone 1-866-543-3388 or direct 1-775-299-4661 and then of course there are the pod casts. Do you remember the address Scott?

Scott: I do, it is we’ve got an archive of old, over 50 podcast episodes that we have done previously that are jammed packed with great information that will help you live your life vitally and energetically and healthily.

Martin: That’s it; I think we are done for the day. Thank you all for listening, this is Life Enthusiast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Scott: Goodbye.

Author: Martin Pytela