Amino acids are the basic building blocks of all life. Think of it this way… proteins are the structures that all living things on the planet use. There’s a protein for everything – for every tissue type. These proteins are built from Amino Acids. There are about 20 Amino Acids, of which half are not manufactured by your body – you must ingest them, almost daily.

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Life Enthusiast podcast 084 – Amino Acids

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: It’s a glorious day Scott, we get to talk about things that I’m excited about and care about deeply.

Scott: Nothing gets better then that does it?

Martin: And I even get to pretend that I know a bit about it.

Scott: You’re too modest, you are a walking encyclopedia plus you have a whole bunch of knowledge based on your experiences, not just a book knowledge it’s not just what many people have, you have lived all this stuff.

Martin: That’s right actually I have tested it on myself and I have searched, I have plugged it in and handled it.

Scott: So we are continuing our health education series and if you want to know where we are as we are going through you can go to our website at and click on health education you will see a whole list we have talked about cleansing and nutrition and pH balancing and vibrational healing and last week we talked about algae and this week we are going to be talking about amino acids. Martin I think the best place to start is what is an amino acid for those of us who don’t know.

Martin: Right, an amino acid is the basic building block of all life. if you think of it this way; proteins are the structures that all living things on this planet use. There is a protein for everything.

Scott: Like our body tissue and our skin, nails, our hair and our blood.

Martin: Yes there is a protein for everything. There is a protein called cholecalcipherol whose job is to take calcium out of the bone and then there is the opposite protein that takes the calcium back into the bone.

Scott: I’m glad you didn’t ask me to say that name.

Martin: So there is all these different proteins.

Scott: So there are about twenty proteins right?

Martin: No there are about a hundred thousand different proteins in the body and these proteins are built from amino acids.

Scott: So there is about twenty amino acids then, I just got it mixed up.

Martin: And out of the twenty amino acids, some are not manufactured inside your body, you actually have to ingest them.

Scott: So you have to eat something to put inside your body or you’re in trouble.

Martin: Yes you have to acquire them almost daily or you just won’t last very long.

Scott: The balance of the amino acids in our body is really important as well right?

Martin: That’s right.

Scott: Because if we don’t have enough we have a real problem and sometimes when we have too much we have a real problem too. Okay so how do the amino acids help our body to heal?

Martin: Well they are the building blocks of everything so you need to have amino acids so that they can be used in the building of proteins because the proteins can carry out all of the actions. There is a protein that opens up the door to your cell that will allow a molecule of water to pass into the cell or a molecule of something else like a nutrient or toxin to pass out of the cell. Everything is keyed to proteins and so if you have a deficiency of a particular amino acid, let’s just say that amino acids are like the letters of the alphabet there are about twenty six of those and the essential amino acids would be like the vowels.

Scott: So if you are missing an E you are going to have some problems spelling words.

Martin: Or if you only have a quarter of the E’s needed for talking then every third word you’re going to be missing an E and pretty soon you will be stuttering badly. It’s that important and that basic now here is the thing if you have toxicity in the body the disassembly of proteins stops working correctly. Let’s just say that you have ingested a piece of chicken and you need to take it apart. The chicken proteins are not human proteins and you need to take it apart so for digestion you need to snip up the proteins into the individual amino acids, they need to become free form amino acids and then they will pass through the intestinal villi into your blood stream and be taken to your liver where they will be recombined into the proteins that you require. Let’s just say that your digestive system is somehow messed up with toxicity or candida, or something like that so under-digested bits of proteins are getting into your blood stream so now you would have Swahili coming into your blood stream and you only speak English and your body completely freaks out. What’s this doing here? And then your body starts attacking it and that is the basis of allergies.

Scott: So people who have a lot of allergies really need to look at how they are getting their protein.

Martin: Well it’s a complex issue, you have the digestion that needs to take it apart and have a functioning membrane of the villi in the small intestine that need to filter out the under digested bits and if you are passing incompletely digested bits of protein into the body or if you are inhaling them like the pollens that are coming in through your nose or they are just getting into your eyes all of a sudden these proteins are just all this trouble on the surface and now what do we do? The only thing that you can do here is get your free form amino acids into your body because your body is not disassembling your amino acids correctly. This is a big deal, this is what we advertise on our website we don’t just advertise any amino acid we are advertising the platinum plus amino acids by Dr Vickory because that is an amino acid that has the correct balance in the correct form with the correct co factors present. It’s not enough that you have the amino acids in some long list you know this is the classic that you would have in a health food store that has a label that says we have all the amino acids and then you look at the label and it says you have 500 mg of this and each one of them says 500 mg on the label, that is the most ridiculous formula.

Scott: That’s right because that’s not how it works in the body.

Martin: The second thing is what you need to have is co-factors that make it work co-factors that are necessary to be present. It’s like you probably know the word catalyst well a catalyst needs to be present for a reaction or transaction to take place. It’s not consumed by the transaction but it needs to be there or a transaction doesn’t happen.

Scott: Right so we need that for something to happen or you could have all these amino acids and they just don’t work. It’s like you have gas and an engine but you don’t have a battery.

Martin: That’s right no battery or spark plugs and nothing is going to happen.

Scott: It doesn’t matter how good the gas is or how clean the engine is or how good the oil is if you don’t have the spark plugs nothing is going to happen.

Martin: So you need to have molybdenum which is a trace mineral and sulfur which needs to be there in larger quantity, the natural form of sulfur is MSN we use the MSN in our formula. So there if you have a dysfunction in your body such as fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis or those types of conditions you need to take a good look at the digestive system and how the amino acids function within it.

Scott: So one of the things to while we are talking about amino acids and where you get them I heard that hemp is a good source.

Martin: Right so now we are going back to where you get proteins that you need to disassemble into individual amino acids and what sort of ratios of things are present in the protein and how easily your body can take it apart and get the amino acids out of it. So there are some more difficult to digest proteins and some easy to digest proteins and hemp would definitely be on the right side of the fence. It’s easy to digest and it has excellent ratios of the amino acids present in its proteins and also it is readily available.

Scott: So the body can use it and absorb it.

Martin: Now here is an interesting bit, when you cook food, you wreck the proteins, it’s called coagulation. you can watch it in an egg when you first throw it in a frying pan, it’s all runny and jiggly and readily absorbable and then when you cook it you have actually coagulated the proteins, you have wrecked them.

Scott: Wow that why, I remember in Rocky he put three or four eggs in a thing and mixed them all up and drank them.

Martin: That’s right they need to be raw if you want to get the full nutrition out of it. Hard to swallow because we are so culturally accustomed to eating things cooked. When we were hunters and gatherers and we came upon a nest of eggs we didn’t wait to build a fire, we just cracked it and sucked it right there on the spot.

Scott: This is of course what a lot of animals do.

Martin: That’s right you don’t see a pack of coyotes come upon a nest of eggs and build a fire, they just suck those eggs. So that is a big issue, the ability to get the amino acids out of the protein and it is strongly affected by the fact whether the protein is still raw or it has been coagulated by cooking.

Scott: So if it has been cooked then you are pretty much cooked too.

Martin: Yes that’s why you need good sources such as the hemp proteins so good question, What can you do with it and why do you want it? If you have a broken digestive system that does not disassemble the proteins correctly you will develop all kinds of physical problems because these are the basic building blocks in our body so when your body receives proper and easily absorbed nutrition it can naturally heal and maintain good health from within. You can tell I was reading that, that was a sentence written by Dr Vickery, I mean he taught me so much about all of this. He is a chiropractor with forty years of practice and the way he got into all this was he was a good mechanic and he knew he could adjust people correctly but two or three days later after the adjustment people would come back saying well I have lost the adjustment, I am not holding. So he went researching to find out what’s going on and he was able to identify this particular problem which is a nutritional deficiency. If you don’t get free form amino acids through whatever you’re eating into your body your discs will become weaker and as they become weaker they lose their ability to hold their shape. It’s very much like an under-inflated tire in an automobile so it becomes kind of sloppy and wobbly and that is what happens to your discs that are separating the vertebrae in your spine so instead of holding shape correctly they can’t hold the shape together, now you have back problems. Typically lower back pain is where it starts so many people who have back pain are actually suffering with it because of nutritional deficiencies.

Scott: I bet that surprises a lot of our listeners because most people think I need to exercise or do this or do that and it can all help of course but I don’t think we think oh I have a nutritional deficiency so now I have this pain. And actually speaking of pain I was just looking at a letter written to Dr Vickery about it and I would just like to take a second to share it with our listeners if you don’t mind Martin.

Martin: Sure.

Scott: Dear Dr Vickery I am writing this letter to thank you for helping me to get my life back. I have suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for over ten years, I had given up hope of ever having a normal life or ever being healthy again. I knew I would never be a whole individual in quotes again. Last year during an unusually painful episode where I had already been totally disabled for over a month I was fortunate enough to meet you. You tested me and told me I was full of all kinds of infections and diseases and then told me not to worry, you put me on a diet and gave me platinum plus and told me that I would feel better in a few days. I have to admit my husband and I were very skeptical but the price of these items were nothing compared to the money we had already spent to stop my pain and give me a normal life. Two days later I woke up and said I think I will put some clothes on and the pain was so severe before that I could not wear clothes, then I went for a ride in the car and then I decided to tidy up the house and four days later I cleaned my home from top to bottom. I have been going like gang busters ever since, I have been on platinum plus for six months now. This summer has been wonderful, my husband and I have been going primitive camping in the mountains just imagine someone with fibromyalgia is camping in the mountains. I have been white water rafting twice, I have drove across the country by myself to see my family, and the freedom I have experienced this summer has been a prayer answered. I have been keeping busy this winter by caring for my four year old grandson. I know that it is difficult to believe when we suffer from this horrendous connective tissue disorder lupus, many times in my life I wanted to call it quits but thank god I didn’t. I hope this letter helps anyone who suffers from this disease fibromyalgia to try Dr Vickery’s treatment if you are like me it will give you your life back, sincerely Patricia L Drab. I thought that was a really nice letter she wrote.

Martin: Yes imagine what kind of change this has been.

Scott: Yes to be in so much pain you couldn’t even put on your clothes to happily cleaning your house from top to bottom, that’s a huge change.

Martin: I tell you and that is just the sort of things that happens because when your body is unable to produce the proteins it is actually unable to deal with any living function that it needs to carry out.

Scott: And then it just progressively gets worse and one day we realize we are in this tremendous pain.

Martin: Yes so to wrap it up with amino acids how does it all tie back together. You need to ingest proteins because proteins are the building blocks of life but before you can use them you have to have your digestive system take them apart from the digestible nutritional sources that you brought them in from. If your digestive system is broken typically by metal toxicity or something of that sort you will have a deficit in the proper free form amino acids. The only way out of here is to supplement free form amino acids; there is no supplementing protein I mean you can’t get a bottle of whey protein and say there are amino acids in it. You actually need to get free form branch chain amino acids in the proper ratios with the co-factors or it is not going to happen. They are not all made equal.

Scott: So how do you recommend someone get their proteins or amino acids?

Martin: If you are healthy and in good shape you want to get proteins that are uncooked, they have to be not coagulated so hemp protein is great but there is protein in everything, there is protein in lettuce, there is protein in steak and everything else available so keep on eating but the more raw you eat it the better chance you have of getting the right stuff. If your digestive system is already broken there is no way of getting out of that without getting a leg up with free form amino acids. Thank god Vickery figured it out, he patented the formula and it can be had.

Scott: Okay so how would you get that?

Martin: Well we are one of the few distributors of the product, mainstream medicine continues to ignore Vickery for some reason and I don’t know why.

Scott: So someone could go to our website at and pick up a bottle.

Martin: That’s right they can go to our website and click on health education and click on amino acids and do that or just go straight to the shopping cart because you already understand what it already is based on this pod cast.

Scott: So that would be platinum plus amino acids?

Martin: Yes that would be the one. One bottle a month, that’s all it takes.

Scott: So if someone wanted to talk to you more about amino acids or any other health issues they might have how could they get a hold of you?

Martin: Easy enough call us at 1-866-543-3388 or the phone that rings on my desk is 775-299-4661.

Scott: Yes and there is lots of great information on our website that I said earlier at and if this podcast had some interesting information for you and you wanted to listen to some more we have over eighty of them at and there is also a link to the pod cast on our main page so you can go directly from the life enthusiast website. We recommend you listen to them over and over again.

Martin: Exactly so this is Martin for the Life Enthusiast co-op for myself and Scott thank you for listening we are restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Author: Martin Pytela