Today Martin and Scott talk about the miracle of Crystal Salt.  Not that white stuff called refined salt.  Refined anything is bad news, including sugar, flour and salt. It’s just not right.

For most people, there’s only one salt. In fact, Crystal Salt comes in rock form and also ground down to put into your normal salt shaker.

The first time that Martin drank Crystal Salt Brine – one teaspoon – gave him a practically orgasmic experience.  A tingle from the tip of his head all the way down to his toes. It was as if something was re-adjusting and re-aligning – as if a stack of dominoes went “tick-tick-tick-tick” and everything fell into place. This was Martin’s first time experience, and that was it – he’s re-aligned.

Life Enthusiast podcast 094 – Himalayan Crystal Salt

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: I am good and ready to go.

Scott: That’s good, we were talking before we went on air you seemed a little crusty to me a little salty the salt of the earth and I think that’s what we should be talking about.

Martin: Yes I am well pickled.

Scott: The miracle of crystal salt and as we said many times, we are not talking about that white stuff that you probably have on your kitchen table that you sprinkle on French fries and everything else.

Martin: Sprinkle it on French what? Fries? I tell you this, and we said it many times: refined anything is bad news. Refined sugar, refined flour, and refined oils and so on it’s just not right.

Scott: One of the reasons why I am glad that we keep bringing this up is because in my mind there is only one salt like when I grew up there was the only one salt and I almost can’t conceive being anything but that white powdery stuff that tastes salty.

Martin: Well the stuff that we have, when mill the whole salt crystals looks like stable alt just a bit dirty you know the Celtic salt is kind of grey and sticky, the Himalayan salt is pinkish and all kinds of other salts ranging in colors from almost black to almost pure white or when you crush it it’s white. You know crystal salt when it is in large pieces it is glass-like or quartz like and these big crystals we have we sell them for the making of brine. We sell it as the salt pieces that look like pieces of glass they don’t look like white because when you crush it into small particle the light refracts differently but that happens to glass too when you crush glass it turns into this white powder.

Scott: Don’t sprinkle that on anything though.

Martin: No don’t.

Scott: So Martin you were going to tell me before we went on the air about the first time you drank a salt brine mixture because one of the things we talk about is you can take some salt and put it in some water and create this salt brine and I would appreciate if you would share that with our listeners.

Martin: Yes alright I took the lovely pink pieces of the salt and I let it dissolve over night and I took a teaspoon of that saturated brine and I put it in a glass of prill water and then I drank. I took one sip and I waited. It was practically an orgasmic experience it is like the shivers that go up and down the spine most wonderfully happened. It was a tickle that went from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes and it was as if something was readjusting and realigning and it was as if you had a stack of dominoes that were out of place and all of a sudden you just realign it and everything went into place. It felt like that wow so I thought I would like to experience that again and I took another sip and I felt it a wee bit and I took a third sip and that was it. I have not felt that again. It’s the first cut you know you’re a virgin only once and then it is over.

Scott: I have actually heard that with meditation as well it’s just that wonderful loving energetic warm meditative experiences and then it goes away. Someone who is an Experienced meditator told me that was how they tricked you into doing it right and getting into the habit and loving it and then getting down to the real work of calming your mind and everything else goes out the window.

Martin: You know it’s an interesting I started practicing yoga at 23 and I was reading in the book, I was learning from a book and it said don’t be surprised if you experience the more acute sensory inputs and I thought what was that and strange enough about five or six days into it I started getting it, and the flow and all of a sudden colors became brighter and sounds became clearer and I could see further and see clearer and everything around me was just more beautiful just appreciating the beauty of everything. So that is the experience of heightening your vibrational experience. So I want to tell you after this happened I had this friend who is an energetic worker and she is a raw food chef and she is really experienced with working with energy and I sent her some of the salt and I said to her do not do anything until you talk to me, don’t touch this stuff. So she said okay I have the salt it is melted, I am ready. so tell me and I said listen you want to experience it and give it some space and allow it to really let you experience what this is all about so she took it and she lives by the coast of the pacific ocean and she took it with her, went to the beach to her favorite hangout and took it there and she called me three hours later and she said OK. I’ve got it. I have talked to god for three hours and I know how the whole universe works. Thank you. which was quite amazing, imagine how this would have felt being able to realign yourself energetically with just one glass of water with one teaspoon of salt of the ancient origin.

Scott: Wow that is an amazing story Martin.

Martin: Yes and I also asked her if she was able to experience it again and she said no. It’s just for the first time, one time. Actually this is not new this also happens to people who buy our Ormus material you know the nano minerals and white gold and that sort of thing it often times creates and experience of that magnitude and again people call and say I want this back I want this again and it is not coming.

Scott: Kind of a law of the universe.

Martin: I don’t know maybe it just sets a new normal. maybe like shifting from black and white movies to color movies, the first time you notice it big time but after you watch everything in color for a while it’s just normal.

Scott: You remind me of when I swim, I jump in the water and it is very cold and after about five minutes I don’t feel cold I just feel nice and normal.

Martin: Yeah you are adjusted.

Scott: Yeah at the beginning I’m like this is so cold and then after a while it’s nice and I like it.

Martin: So the most reasonable point I would like to make is why all this, why bother this once or why bother forever but I think if it can give you an energetic shift the first time, it must be just giving you the energetic shift over and over or keeping you there, maybe if you give up on it for three years it might come back.

Scott: Yeah but we don’t want to encourage anyone to go back to eating McDonalds hamburgers for three years and then taking the salt brine again, that’s not a good way to do it.

Martin: I wouldn’t encourage that so the point is this the Himalayan salt is rich in other trace minerals even though it is 98 percent salt (NaCl) the other 2 percent are all the other trace minerals that you would have found in the ancient seas. And I call the womb or the amniotic fluid of life because the amniotic salts come from the seas that have the trilobites in it.

Scott: What is a trilobite Martin?

Martin: Oh these are these creatures that sort of look like a horseshoe they sort of look like an insect and they are about the size of two hands held together and they are found in fossils and they are an old ancient extinct species that was very busily swimming in the ocean 250 million years ago and those were the waters according to evolutionary theory gave rise to the fish and mammals and everything else.

Scott: Well certainly the ocean was teaming with life so there would have to be a lot in it to encourage living.

Martin: So anyway so that is the mix that is present in that salt so when we dissolve it and make the brine out of it we are getting all of those original minerals and when we use it for instance to brush our teeth we end up dissolving the plaque that is on people’s gum line or your digestion begins to improve because you have better mix of digestive minerals.

Scott: I was going to ask you what other ways you can use it and you have just given us two.

Martin: Well saline solution is typically the thing that soothes tissue that is inflamed like if you have red gums it is typically what calms it down. Well wherever you have an inflammation like sinus cold, a stuffy nose one of the better ways to do it would be inhalation therapy you would put some of this brine into a pot of water onto a stove and you would put a towel over your head and inhale it.

Scott: I used to do that a lot when I was a kid although I don’t know if we had salt in there but that was a way that we dealt with colds.

Martin: There is a page on the life enthusiast web site under health education where we have salt applications you know tooth brushing in the brine bath you know you need to create a 1 percent saline solution which is fairly thick. You need to take two pounds of salt in a typical twenty five gallon tub so it’s not cheap its twenty dollars for the bath but that is what you need to do to create the fully revitalizing bath to create sufficient osmotic pressure that is going to pull the toxins out of you and replenish minerals into you.

Scott: There is also like the salt crystal lamps, how do they work?

Martin: Well the principle in which this works is the release of negative ions, there is moisture in the air and when you heat the salt it’s sticky and gives off negative ions so a typical office or indoor space gives off positive ions you know your computer gives off positive ions or when you are walking across a carpet creating positive ionization you know when you rub your hair with a polyester shirt and your hair stands on end that is positive ionization. Negative ions are what happens in a forest you know that calm cool misty air.

Scott: That refreshing feeling that you get from being in a forest.

Martin: Yes that is negative ions also the typical outdoor space like forest will have 2000 ions per milliliter where a typical indoor space will have 200 which is ten times less. So when you are heating the salt and you can easily build one of these salt lamps like creatures by taking a kilo or two of the salt pieces and putting it into a salad bowl and sticking a light bulb into it, just heating it up right. So as you are creating the heat the salt will evaporate and it will create the negative ions and it will decrease the dust that flies in the air. I had one girl she bought a couple of lamps from us and she said the first thing she noticed was the dander from her cats was no longer flying in the air. It’s just clean and gone and that would be the first thing you notice you know positive ions create all this static and they repel one another and they make your skin cells whether you are just human or living with pets if you sit by a window and the light stream comes into your space and you will notice the dust flying around.

Scott: I actually have two, one is in my living room and one is in my bedroom and I hardly ever have to dust in these rooms.

Martin: Yeah that’s because the dust doesn’t actually accumulate there, it will accumulate anywhere near a computer quite literally right dust bunnies all around the cables. The baths which is an interesting tradition you know the full moon bath and the new moon bath that the full moon is when the body’s absorption is at its highest and at the full moon you absorb most of the minerals whereas if you do a new moon bath the detoxification capacity is at its highest so that would be the time where you would get rid of most of the toxins.

Scott: That is interesting.

Martin: Have you looked at the life enthusiast website on the page that says about salt therapy, there are all these different applications, brine, steam inhalation, brine poultice, oral care but the really interesting one is at the bottom of the page where is says see the effects of brine therapy. People use dark field microscopes to see how your blood is behaving and when your blood is sticky the red blood cells tend to clump together and create chains and what not so when you take the brine it energetically improves your blood tremendously and unclump it and anyway we are showing you the evidence for anyone to see.

Scott: So the blood flows more easily and your blood pressure drops.

Martin: Yes and the blood cells can get into the capillaries easier which means you will oxygenate the tissues at a better rate.

Scott: It’s just a huge impact on people’s health.

Martin: Right so you need to take whole salt not refined salt. refined salt tends to cause acidity and cause all kinds of trouble you know sodium retention is really a problem with how your adrenals work. The way this thing works the hormone cortisol is released by the adrenal glands is a response to stress and it is only taken out of circulation when you sit down to relax, meditate or sleep, so high presence of cortisol is blocking the release of sodium. So you are retaining sodium if your cortisol level is high. and that is how they are telling you don’t take too much salt because you are increasing your level of sodium therefore causing yourself high blood pressure but on the other side you are unable to relax and therefore you are retaining the sodium. So if you have high blood pressure and they are telling you that you must not use salt the answer might be that you need to learn how to meditate and relax. but the other thing is you need to start taking natural salt instead of the refined salt because the refined salt will cause you to have acidity in the body whereas the natural salt will not.

Scott: Right that is one of the important things and what we keep talking about and making sure we have what is created naturally for us instead of something else that is refined.

Martin: Well start with an apple if you have an apple and you take the apple juice out of it and you take the vitamin C out of it and maybe the pulp and everything else and just take it apart into its building blocks, the constituents from which it is put together. so now I tell you to put it back together and make me an apple out of this stuff that you took out of it. Well no chance I mean an apple tree will do it magically and it will grow an apple just fine. If I give you all the ingredients that you tell me are in it you can’t build it and this holds true for all of the superfoods and other living foods we recommend to people. You cannot buy one of these multivitamins that has all these things on the label like the B1, B3, B6, B12, C and A and D1, D3 and all these magic letters these mantras your nutritionist will tell you that you need so many units of vitamin D and so many of vitamin E but what you really need is whole foods because the building blocks of the apple are not the apple and same thing goes with the salt you can say well I get the sodium chloride in this refined table salt and you do but you don’t get it with all the other bits and pieces in the chemical sense but also in the physical sense that it is supposed to contain.

Scott: Great so Martin if someone wanted to get more details about the Himalayan crystal salt and other things that we have to offer where would they go?

Martin Well go on the life enthusiast website at and under the health education section and click on the Himalayan crystal salt that is just where the information that we are quoting is. We could also say listen to our other podcasts there are all kinds of associated information there you will find a link on the website that says podcast and you can call if you’re wondering about some words we wrote down on a page mean call us at 1-866-543-3388 and we would be glad to talk to you.

Scott: Well Martin thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy day and sharing all this wonderful information with me and the listeners and for the listeners thank you for taking time out of your busy day to listen to us and I hope you head over to the life enthusiast website at and see all of the articles and information that would have a big impact on your life so for now this is Scott and Martin signing off.

Author: Martin Pytela