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Aging Health Maintenace with Zymitol & Magnesium: Podcast 101

by Martin Pytela

Martin recently wished one friend a Happy 57th Birthday, and wonders just what is middle age?

A few large companies keep records that show how long people take their pensions after they retire, meaning how long until they die after retirement. People that retire between 50 and 55 live long into their twilight years. And of those that retired at age 65, over 80% lived only a year or so more. The younger retirees seems to still have purpose in life, and the older retirees seem to feel done with it all.

Martins 57 year old friend was a track and field athlete at the national level a very fit person to this day. But now hes been diagnosed with emphysema. Martin said to start taking Zymitol, an Enzyme Supplement from Generation Plus.

Zymitol is the kind of enzyme that is specifically eating the fibrin the scar tissue that is the cause of the emphysema in your lungs. So he started on it and called after about a month and said its not doing anything. This was because he was not taking enough. You need to understand the activation dose, which is not on the bottle.

Click here to read Enzymes: Finding Your Activation Dose.

So the friend did this until he started to feel the enzymes kick-in. Four weeks later at a check-up, he was significantly improved. Six months later, they declared that he never had emphysema.

Two years passes and after a month away from his supplements and healthy lifestyle, he was not well again. Martin now recommended Zymitol (again) and Magnesium Crystals in his bath. And he got better Again!


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