Martin and Scott are mellow today, discussing how Martin has hand-picked all the products he has available at Life Enthusiast.  All products have been tested by himself, his wife and/or his friends. Once again, when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you must do is stop digging – stop doing the things that put you there. You must then get the toxic waste out of your system and make sure your digestion is working properly.

Dr. Bill W. Miller (BS, MS, PhD) began testing Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea over twenty years ago at his location in Jackson, Tennessee. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the accredited Lambuth University, and shortly thereafter began a quest in achieving personal optimum health and fitness. He founded and operated two prominent and successful Health & Fitness Centers in the West Tennessee area. One of these centers was the largest of its kind in the Southeastern United States! He personally trained and produced several acclaimed State, National, and World Champion Professional Arm Wrestlers and Body Builders at these centers. Additionally, during this same time period, he earned his Masters Degree in Nutritional Science from Lambuth University in 1974.

Life Enthusiast podcast 143 – Holy Tea for Detox

Author: Martin Pytela