Scott talks about waging a “war on disease”, and Martin says that this is exactly what’s wrong with our entire society. There’s no point in having a battle with disease.  What we need to do is “have a love affair with health.”

The pharmaceutical industry seems to be in charge of your health. Do you suppose your headache a result a result of a deficiency of acetaminophen? No, it only removes the pain message to your brain. You can run a little while longer, but the time will come when you run into the wall – you run into chronic inflammatory disease.

Many things that can really help people are being missed. Emergency room techniques are being applied to slow moving problems.  Cancer is not an emergency until it threatens your life.  Heart disease take decades to give you a heart attack. The people that “own” the word medicine are not interested in doing things differently.

Martin and Scott will spend the next 12 months showing you how you got into the hole you’ve dug yourself into, stop digging and recognize the shovel that got you there, and how to fill the hole back up.

Life Enthusiast podcast 156 – Make Love not War with your own health issues

Author: Martin Pytela