Martin Pytela, renowned founder of the Life Enthusiast, is back with his co-host Scott Paton for this week’s exciting podcast about Assimilation and Elimination – two extremely important key stones that make us tick. It has been suggested that if these two aspects of our bodies could be properly regulated, we could extend life as far as we wanted.

So just what is assimilation and elimination? Assimilation can be thought of as the body’s ability to utilize the nutrients found in the foods we eat. Unfortunately, most people in our society think that large quantities of food equal more nutrients. This is quite misguided as it completely ignores the body’s ability to take this nutrition and put it to good use.

Typical absorption rates of nutrients range from 20-80%. This means that you might be only assimilating as little as 20% of the nutrients you are feeding your body. You need to make use of what you’re putting in. Micronized nutrients are absorbed at a better rate.

Elimination, on the other hand, might be more known to the general public, for it is simply the way the body removes waste and eliminates toxins. While we might not think about it, every activity the body does produces waste. This waste is eliminated through the skin, lungs, kidneys and intestines. If any of these channels aren’t functioning properly, there can be major problems.

This really only scratches the surface of this fascinating topic. Be sure to check out the podcast for yourself!

Author: Martin Pytela