In Part four of this cleansing series, Martin and Scott discuss blood.

Ever wonder about the role blood plays throughout the body? There’s no doubt that it is crucial. As we all know, blood is central to supplying the body with oxygen. It also performs a variety of functions, such as:

• Supplying cells with oxygen
• Healing wounds
• Fighting off infection
• Controlling temperature
• Eliminating toxins

Obviously, a blood cleanse to ensure your blood is clean and functioning properly can go a long way in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. One way to ensure the blood is clean is to cleanse it regularly. This is easy to do, and involves a mere three to five day cleanse.

Blood purification therapy is best achieved with juices that contain an abundance of chlorophyll. Pureeing any mixture of green vegetables will do the trick, and lemon juice, beet juice, and carrot juice are also excellent choices.

Author: Martin Pytela