Martin Pytela, founder of Life Enthusiast and his co-host Scott Paton take on the topic of proper eating and metabolism this week on their alternative health podcast.

Scott describes a study that proves it takes 28 days to create a habit. A very interesting study – tune in to hear to tale.

We all have trouble finding the perfect diet for ourselves. Improper diet results in inflammation, leading to the production of insulin, which is then stores energy as fat where it doesn’t get used properly.

Cholesterol is another result of improper diet. It leads to cases of high blood pressure, heart attacks and arterial plaque. The body produces both “good” and “bad” cholesterol, and the two must be kept in balance for your maximum health to be achieved. Managing blood cholesterol levels can be very difficult and eating the right foods with exercise is only the beginning.

XtraPure Lecithin. It is a potent ally for your immune system, and a moisturizer and lubricant. The product itself is designed to enable efficient fat metabolism. This leads to remarkable weight loss. Lecithin is also what your brain uses to create the chemical stuff thought is made of. The more of it you have, the sharper your mind becomes.

Author: Martin Pytela