This Podcast is a grab-bag of health tips. Martin has “been better” – not feeling his usual vim & vigor, so off they go to discuss all sorts of things to do for health.

Discover how to start the day out right. Are you craving sweets or salty foods at night? What happens when you eat fermented veggies?

Take a look at Metabolic Typing to find out what slows you down and what perks you up.

And how can you tell if your thyroid is working at optimal levels? The thyroid gland is an important endocrine gland regulating metabolism in every cell of your body.

Sea-Aloe Gold can …

  • Boost Healing
  • Help Restore Thyroid Function
  • Normalize Metabolic Processes

These two “Treasures of Land and Sea” provide an incredible boost to your healing processes.

Aloe Vera helps with nutrient absorption, killing bacteria & viruses, and has pain killing properties. It has been used successfully in connective tissue cancers with animals, and is being researched in human cancers. In other studies, Aloe has been successfully used with diabetics to normalize blood sugars.

Sea kelp helps nourish your thyroid and pituitary glands, helping maintain metabolic balance.

To nourish and repair your gut at the same time, we recommend taking Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids, to give you the protein/sulfur you need to rebuild your whole body. Used together, Sea-Aloe Gold and Platinum Plus, as a rule, support complete healing. Use this natural process to reverse Intestinal Dysbiosis, otherwise called Leaky Gut or Permeable Bowel.

Author: Martin Pytela