Martin Pytela and his co-host Scott Paton are by now very well known for their informative Podcasts which deal with all kinds of alternative health issues.

Scott recently had an experience with a young girl that went crazy after eating the wrong foods for her particular metabolic type. There are 2 major metabolic types: one type is alkalized by fruits and veggies and the other alkalized by meat and protein. Eating for your specific metabolic type can make a very big difference in your state of being! Eating the wrong foods can give way to any number of health problems.

The next issue Martin and Scott talk about is pregnancy and how folic acid is so very important to prevent birth defects. One great source of folic acid is dark greens like Chlorella and
Spirulina. And consider how iodine deficiency can get in the way. Whatever the mother is deficient in before pregnancy, she will be really deficient afterwards!

More and more, research is showing that most Americans are iodine deficient. There would be a far lower rate of breast cancer as well as fibrocystic disease if iodine supplementation were known as much as it should be. Competing halogens such as fluoride and bromide, when combined with insufficient iodine intake, are the root of this deficiency problem found throughout the USA.

The other aspect of this is oxidative stress. In other words, the body produces an excessive of free radicals when there is greater stress on its metabolism. Antioxidants are the best way to combat this problem, and there are many of them available, like MegaHydrate that really works wonders for iodine deficiency.

Author: Martin Pytela