Scott and Martin welcome David – The Oracle – Pilz.  David and Martin met not long ago, and Martin would like David to describe how they met. Although it was only a few short months ago, Martin feels that David is his brother. They had an instant connection.

David Pilz of OmHaven Ranch is trained and certified as an Alternative Health and Wholistic Practitioner. He’s a certified Master Healer and Instructor, plus he continues to actively study and train in many complimentary healing systems such as Reiki, Reflexology, Crystals, Sacred Ceremonies and much more. His personal Kundalini is awake and active.

Listen to the full Podcast to see what their relationship can do for you.

  • Feeling tired, run down, overwhelmed or have a lack of energy?
  • Looking for emotional balance?
  • Need more energy, focus and concentration?
  • Concerned with the toxins in your environment and atmosphere?
  • Does nuclear radiation, EMF damage, Chem-trails, cancers, ecoli disease or any other uncontrolled environmental toxins scare the xxxx out of you?

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Author: Martin Pytela