David Pilz of OmHaven Ranch is trained and certified as an Alternative Health and Wholistic Practitioner. He’s a certified Master Healer and Instructor, plus he continues to actively study and train in many complimentary healing systems such as Reiki, Reflexology, Crystals, Sacred Ceremonies and much more. His personal Kundalini is awake and active.

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Although OmHaven Ranch products are no longer available, please
take a look at Life Enthusiast’s ORMUS Suppplements.

The OmHaven Ranch’s mindset is based on earth friendly ecology, agri-tourism, ecological protection and restoration, environmentalism, green lifestyles, self sustainability, non-timber wildcrafting, metaphysical development, reiki, yoga and more.

We were previously Certified Organic by NOOA and still walk the talk.

OmHaven Ranch is a proud member of the BC Environmental Farm Plan initiative.

OmHaven Ranch is also home to the OmHaven Institute Society which is a nonprofit training institute with a mandate to openly collaborate towards an environmentally sound planet.

OmHaven Heritage Seed Bank
We are proud to facilitate the OmHaven Heritage Seed Bank, focused on storing and evolving heritage seed preservation, specifically sacred and ritual herbs.

Organic Heritage seeds planted into a variety of garden beds, produce, wild-crafted crops, field crops and with all of the right empowerment symbols, OmManna ORMUS Gold Fertilizers and many other earth blessings. Nutritional and delicious!

Come visit, relax, heal and rejuvenate in the ORMUS enriched fresh country air at the OmHaven Ranch, home to the sacred Starnation Lodge and Ceremony Grounds. Stay with us in one of our B&B cabins, Camping Facility or Tipi. Book your retreats, your Soul Get-Away or your day function at what some are calling the legendary fountain of youth.

Scott and Martin welcome David – The Oracle – Pills. David and Martin met not long ago, and Martin would like David to describe how they met. Although it was only a few short months ago, Martin feels that David is his brother. They had an instant connection.

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Author: Martin Pytela