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Martin and Scott answer these important questions and more in today’s show…

The biggest issue I see is the lack of big-picture strategic thinking and evaluation.

Who really cares if you are healthy or not?

Have you heard enough rhetoric, pundit posturing, and political scaremongering about the future of America’s health insurance? I hope you can indulge me a bit: I want to offer a different perspective. Most of the debate I have heard is about the ideological merits of health insurance (should people have it?) and who should be paying for it (is there such a thing as a free lunch?).

Obamacare attempts to make improvements to America’s health insurance system. But it’s only a band-aid on a dam set to burst. Instead of making it work for the people, they are making it work for the vested interests: pharma, insurance and medical lobby gets their voice heard.

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Author: Martin Pytela