What is the impact of electromagnetic frequencies on your health? Anything from radio waves to cell phones, wi-fi or electric motors emits these invisible waves.

From the article “How the smartphone boom could damage your health and the environment“.
“Behind the rise of smartphones and tablets, microwave pollution is a serious assault on our health reports Lynne Wycherley, whilst a new Ecologist Film Unit investigation uncovers the hidden cost of tin used in many phones.
Known for their beauty, aspens have been in decline across North America, with some dramatic losses in recent years. Aware of the rapid growth of radiofrequency (RF) radiation, particularly from mobile-phone ‘towers’, Colorado researcher Katie Haggerty had an inspiration: she planted three test plots of aspen seedlings. Carefully matched in all other respects, one plot was shielded from a nearby town’s RF radiation, one was ‘mock’ shielded, and the other was left unprotected. The difference, recorded in the International Journal of Forestry Research, was startling: the fully shielded saplings were vigorous and healthy, but both the ‘mock’ shielded and the exposed plants were small, lacked pigments, and had sickly leaves.”

Life Enthusiast has many ways EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) Protection products, devices to help your body combat the stresses generated by EMFs coming from our wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, mp3 players, e-readers, routers & wi-fi transmitters), overhead power lines, transformers, electric motors, laptop computers and monitors. Environmental sensitivity is on the rise. Symptoms of inflammatory diseases decrease when EMF levels are lowered.

  • Increased energy in a balanced state
  • Restful sleep with vivid, creative dreams
  • Increased mobility and pain relief
  • Clear-headedness
  • Normalization of physical parameters
  • Reduction of disease states
  • A feeling of increased core strength

Place this holographic sticker on any electronic device to protect yourself from harmful energies. The hologram aids in the electrical dispersion of harmful frequencies for the protection of the human body. Fractals double as a piece of artwork adding beauty and interest to your phone or other electronic device.

Author: Martin Pytela