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Podcast 291 about Life Enthusiast News

Podcast 291 about Life Enthusiast News

Watch the Video version here.

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton discuss the latest product offerings and issues affecting your health. Learn how to best use Life Enthusiast and Martin’s experience and knowledge.

Have you been betrayed by the medical establishment? Martin holds nothing back in this exciting episode.

What happens when you eat against your Metabolic Type? Your genetics loads the ‘gun’, and what you eat pulls the trigger.

How do Superfoods fit into your health plan? Are there foods that everyone needs? What’s the story on fruit? Will it make you calmer? Put you to sleep? Make you depressed?

Can you be too acidic? Too Alkaline?

What triggers toxicity? And what can you do about it?

Martin talks about Humic and Fulvic Acid and how they impact toxicity in your body.

Author: Martin Pytela

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