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We recently polled our customers and newsletter subscribers. We asked them (and you) what health topics would you like us to discuss, how often would you like the webinars, and which days would you prefer.

Below is a short video we did recently to explain our ideas and plans to assist you in restoring vitality.

Thank you for participating.!
After listening to over 250 of you, here were the takeaways:

1) Any days but Monday and Friday
2) Anytime of day (The webinars will always be set up so you can watch them later and review them if you want)
3) And you gave us enough topics to last a few years!

Here is a partial listing of health topics from you:

1. How to stay healthy internally considering all that’s happening externally (air, water, food contamination). This could range from energetics to food choices to supplements.

2. The best way to get and drink water- filtration, energetics, absorption, etc.

3. How to change beliefs/patterns in the subconscious

4. Emergency preparedness (what to do if water becomes undrinkable, air unbreatheable, food unattainable) -so how to become more sustainable from home.

healthy eating, juicing, cleansing, staying motivated, spirituality and health, addictions
Hormone Replacement, Heart Health
Hypothyroid, ways to lose weight. Self healing in a world of drug pushing doctors. Using herbs to stay healthy.
Minerals, amino acids, vitamin absorption
Use of products
Food Sensitivities, Digestive Problems, Energy Levels, Proper Food intake for best results with the above problems.
Lung health, digestion
heavy metal/radiation detox auto immune back pain
preventive medicine
not an American so not really able to “hangout”
Controlling inflammation
Balancing blood sugar
Aging with quality
Menu plans for people who work very long days 7 days a week
Alternative food suggestions for people who live in areas where there is very limited choice such as the Caribbean (Cayman Islands in my case)
Basic nutrition
Healthy food Thyroid
Life extension/ anti aging
any topics about natural healing
Allergies, enzymes, digestion
joint / mobility pain-maintenance weight control / dietary issues GMOs

Author: Scott