Physical AND Mental Energy Boost

WithOUT the after-crash.

Safe-Energy can be a best friend for students, athletes and everyone in between.

I think we’re all familiar with feeling too tired for that extra activity. No matter how enticing it is. Have you ever felt too tired to go out after work, to see that new movie, get to that fabulous sale, or meet up with your friends and family?

Cup of CoffeeRegardless of how well you slept – or did not – you CAN do all the things you want. Including NOT feeling like a zombie throughout your day.

A large percentage of our society drinks coffee to wake up in the morning. Many people use energy drinks to keep going all afternoon. Both of these bring you crashing down below normal when they wear off.

But not any more. We have a natural way to fight fatigue and keep your day running effortlessly – without the energy crash.

Tired WomanYour fatigue may not always feel like the classic signs of exhaustion (tired, achy) and can be difficult to recognize.

Fatigue can present as trouble concentrating, and short on patience with rising frustrations.

If this sounds familiar, take heart.

You CAN psych yourself up for more fun activities – here’s how:

Safe-EnergySafe Energy

AND Mental Clarity

No Jitters – 100% Caffeine

This is a combination of organic and wild crafted herbs that supply steady energy. You will have NO plummeting blood sugar, and no after effects.

Helps with mental clarity, so it’s great for mentally taxing endeavors that need sharpness, like working late or studying all night long.

More subtle than coffee or an energy drink, withOUT the crash afterwards.

A Student’s Best Friend

For long study periods, Safe Energy supplies highly concentrated specialized nutrients to optimize brain functions, and increase mental acuity and memory as well.

Training Companion at the Gym

Master Herbalist Elijah Free designed Safe Energy as and aid for gym workouts. At the age of 64, Elijah is an avid weight lifter and endurance runner, thanks to Safe Energy.

May be used before and during athletic/sports activities. Afterwards, Safe Energy may be taken for faster recovery.

Energy is there waiting to be used. Not over-amped energy using you.

Safe Energy is perfect for you…

Physical AND Mental Energy Boost

  • Get out of bed and through your day – AND exercise in the evening.
  •  Complete a crossword puzzle – AND use your brain into the night.

Man RunningAthletic Events

Grad Cap and DiplomaIntense Metal Focus

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela