Podcast 230: Vitamin C – Immune System Enhancer

We have to ingest vitamin C every day. The RDA is 150 mg. Orthomolecular scientists say it should be wall above 6,000 mg.

Scott has done so very many things that are not good for his health and got a cold.  Martin sees the depth of his reserves as too low to cope.  Scott needs more deposits of good things to get better and stay that way.

Many people are born with a naturally strong constitution, and Martin was not one of them.  His has always been naturally weak, making him unable to do things like party with friends all week long without collapsing. Your natural-born constitution explains why, when given the same situation, some people get sick and others do not.

You have control over your natural constitution.  Will you chose to take control?  Life Enthusiast can help you do just that.  Take control over your health.

Podcast 230: Vitamin C – Immune System Enhancer
Antioxidant Activator To Jump-Start Healing

Vitamin C provides protection from oxidation, aging, cancer, and the harmful effects of pollution. It also prevents infections. It has been shown to reduce cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, and prevent atherosclerosis.

Author: Martin Pytela