Prescription for Aerobic O7

Aerobic O7 comes highly recommended in the book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing“.

Please Note:
AerobicO7 is now Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen.

The original product that this research referenced was the Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen by E D Goodlow. Many emulators have brought their version of the product to market, including the one called Aerobic O7. Please note that the manufacturer makes no claims that the product can treat or cure any medical condition.

Below are references in the 3rd/4th/5th editions.

  • Aids, page 143/165/168
  • Athlete’s foot, page 200/228/229
  • Breast cancer, page 224/253/257
  • Cancer, page 250/279/293
  • Emphysema, page 344/388/399
  • Enemas, page 706/786/803
  • Food borne/ Food poisoning, page 383/428/442
  • Gangrene, page 392/439/452
  • Hay fever, page 406/453/467
  • Legionnaires’ (lung & bronchial) disease, page 493/546/559
  • Prostate cancer, page 593/651/667
  • Raynaud’s Disease, page 604/674/689
  • Skin cancer, page 629/702/718
  • Ulcerative colitis, page 666/744/760
  • Weakened Immune system, page 681/759/776