Price vs Value in Supplements

On a sunny, spring time day everyone feels better. If you work under fluorescent lights, get out at lunch to be in the sunshine. A client recently called me to say that Exsula Superfoods are too expensive and he cannot afford it. The client was going to replace it with another product that is smaller in size, fewer ingredients of a lower quality. Exsula Superfoods: Life Giving Nutrition are proven to increase your health, so why would someone want less quality and value? Most mainstream supplements are petro-chemical based products, extracted from coal tar and other things. They pretend to be living but aren’t.

Your health is your choice.
Our mission is to help you choose health, quite simply by

1. Cleansing & Detoxifying Your Body
2. Proper Nourishment
3. Balancing Your Body’s pH
4. Enhancing Your Mind/Body Connection

That may be more easily said than done, but we are here with educational tools and very high quality products to enable you to live your life consciously, fully and abundantly.

Click here to listen to the full Podcast Price vs Value in Supplements: Podcast 271.

Author: Life Enthusiast