Revitalized Water Pictures

1,200 X magnification!

All living organisms emit ultra weak light known as biophoton light emission. Dr. David Schweitzer’s research of the Water Revitalizer shows a dramatic increase in biophoton light emission in revitalized water as well as a profound change in the structure of water. This research documents the amazing abilities of the Water Revitalizer to both restructure and energize water. See the photo documentation below!

Kirlian Photos From Denmark

water molecule water molecule
Regular tap water from London,
Regular tap water from London,
England after running through the
Water Revitalizer

Kirlian photography is a means to measure or assess the vital force (or energy fields) in living systems.

Kirlian Photos From Canada

Kirlian photography shows a big difference in the vital energy field surrounding the drop of regular water (left) and the revitalized water (right).
Regular “Dead” Water . Revitalized Water
The distorted energy field of a dead drop of water before running through the Water Revitlaizer. The energy field surrounding the droplet is fractured and incomplete illustrating the damage our water has been exposed to. . The restored energy field of a drop of revitalized water after running through the Water Revitalizer. The energy field surrounding the droplet is full and healthy looking, clearly showing the restorative effect of the Water Revitalizer.
The improved energy in revitalized water causes a dramatic increase in the quality of your water in all of its applications.
Regular tap water Both waters are from the same source! Regular tap water revitalized with one of Alivewater Revitalizers

What the Water Revitalizer does is positively charge the water creating a better oxygen deliverance and activating the trace minerals present in the water and giving them a positive charge for easy assimilation into the blood stream. Conditions under which the water was photographed: using high frequency, high electrical discharge (40 kv). As water is not grounded, I had to stick a wire into a ground and then into the water on the film. I used a one second exposure of the current to the water. In each picture only a drop of water was used. I made sure the water was at room temperature before taking the pictures.

Author: Life Enthusiast