Sacred Science

What would happen if you took a few people suffering with diseases of modern civilization, took them out of their homes, away from modern medicine and conventional doctors, and transported them to the Peruvian Amazon rain forest to try a different kind of treatment for thirty days with traditional medicine, meditation, and the sacred healing wisdom of shamanism and amazonian plants? If you want to find out, you should learn more about Nick Polizzi, because he did just that in his documentary The Sacred Science. The mission behind the film was to bring knowledge about ancient forms of healing to people who need it the most, which is nearly everyone living in the modern world. Nick and his team received over 400 applications from people around the world when they began the search for volunteers for this experiment. The month they spent in the rain forest in the hands of traditional healers brought amazing results, and also a set of questions.

There is true power in traditional medicine. Currently, we receive medication in the form of pills that have been manufactured in factories and natural methods of healing are now called Alternative Medicine. It doesn’t really make much sense, because traditional medicine has been healing us for hundreds of years, without side effects or expensive vaccines, while modern medicine as we know it now is a pretty young and recent development. Something old, proven, and natural is called alternative? Something isn’t right about this.

Healthcare available in nature was replaced with sickcare we have to pay for, and many times repeatedly. First, we buy these manufactured foods that are sold to us as healthy, then we pay for medication because those foods really make us sick. The medication we use to cure the ailments caused by the food comes with a long list of side effects, but we can solve this with another pill!

No mainstream medical doctor will ever tell us to eat more organic whole foods, to take a more natural approach to health. The true healing properties of various plants are kept secret from us, because you can grow these yourself and basically cure your disease instead of paying for an expensive treatment that in most cases just covers the symptoms without really targeting and dealing with the underlying cause. Painkillers might ease the pain, but they do not answer the question of WHERE the pain has come from and WHY.

If traditional healing is so effective, easy, and affordable, why should we pay for potentially harmful treatments received within the modern medical system? Why make things complicated when we have all we need available in nature? Why label traditional medicine that has proven to be effective and safe for years as a controversial alternative? Modern medicine proponents often use arguments that traditional medicine doesn’t use the scientific method and doesn’t have enough evidence based on the latest science. When we compare the management of health in today’s society with how it looks in areas that are untouched by modern medicine, we don’t really need more evidence to see where the truth lies. Animals in their natural habitats don’t get sick or obese, while animals living in captivity in the zoo face various health problems parallel with our own. Its time for us to really understand that the most natural approach is the best. Not for animals only, but for every species on the planet, including humans.

You can now watch the Sacred Science documentary for free using this link! Make sure to also check out the interview with Nick Polizzi, recorded exclusively for Life Enthusiast audience.

Author: Life Enthusiast