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Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers

Radiation Fallout Protection

The daily use of natural gray Celtic sea salt protects the user by neutralizing fallout radiation exposure because it supplies organic iodine to the entire glandular network. The new science of microchemistry (a relatively new facet of biological medicine, microchemistry shows that the healing of a number of illnesses depends directly on the presence and action of metallic ions in the body: magnesium, iodine, iron and sodium, at the molecular scale) has proven that several specific trace elements protect the internal organs from artificial radiation, and that these oligo-elements are most effective at micro-doses. In life-threatening situations such as direct exposure to atomic radiation, potassium iodide tablets are prescribed in an attempt to quickly saturate the thyroid. It is hoped that this massive and sudden supplementation can save lives by competing with and serving to clear the radioactive iodine that concentrate in the thyroid after exposure to an atomic blast.

The prescribed potassium iodine forces the radioactive iodine to leave the body. This medical theory speculates that, as the tablets flush the endocrine system, the lethal effect of radioactive iodine will be checked. Dr. William Weston, while an official in the United States Department of Public Health, stated that the organically bound iodine of foodstuffs (land-based algae, seaweeds, crabs, oysters, lobsters, shrimps, etc.) is far more effective because it is slowly released into the body. Artificially supplemented iodine is worthless because it passes too quickly into the urine within as little as twenty minutes. A better way to prepare against the eventuality of atomic fallout is to build a strong immune terrain ahead of time by simply using real sea salt daily since it alone supplies the highest possible level of organic iodine.

The fixing capabilities of the clay stabilize the iodine level at 800 parts per million, which is more than half of the iodine of sea water. While iodine is volatile and some of it escapes into the atmosphere, the loss is minimized because crystallization is completed in less than 12 hours. In the industrial exploitation of salt, the salty brine stagnates from a few months to as much as three years in the ponds and all of the iodine is already evaporated in the crude stage well before further loss is inflicted before the refining process is even begun. It takes 30 liters (8 gallons) of sea water to produce one kilogram of natural Celtic salt crystals. If totally refined salt is the goal, 40 liters (10.8 gallons) must be processed to obtain one kilo (2.204 lbs.) of pure sodium chloride (white table salt). In the original liquid form of those 30 liters, the iodine content is on the order of 1500 parts per million.

Soil and crops near coastlines are richer in organic iodine than those inland. Eating seaweeds, shore-grown vegetables or tideland saltwort (saltwort are any of the various plants of sea beaches, salt marshes and alkaline regions, especially of the genus Salsola, as Salsola Kali, a bushy plant with prickly leaves, or of the genus Salicornia) will supply as much as 100 milligrams of iodine per serving. The latest findings in biology demonstrate that natural Celtic ocean salts contain not only organic iodine compounds but that those levels are reinforced by the presence of iodine-bearing microscopic algal and phytoplankton organisms that add organic quality iodine to these salts. If the natural moisture in salt is forced-out or if it is stored in too hot an area, the salt will lose both of these iodine forms. Therefore, it is always wise to purchase natural Celtic ocean salt, a moist salt and to protect its humidity by always storing it in a cool and dark place.

Sex, Salt and Your Kidneys

Does the quality of salt affect sexuality, and if so, how does it alter this? There most definitely is a correlation between salt quality and sexual harmonious maturity, indeed, a very strong one. Kidney failure in both men and women that occurs due to nephron breakdown is very common today. Insoluble crystals of hemoglobin form in these nephrons and are the cause of the failure. The cortical hormones, secreted by the adrenal cortex, literally program both man’s and woman’s sexual instinct by improving the quality of the energy of the gonads. When these hormones are adequately and sufficiently secreted, it assures that friendship and sentimental warmth will be experienced toward all of humanity, and that a caring, loving feeling for the opposite sex unfolds as an intuitive experience.

Salt is the catalyst that helps to develop a harmonious sexual character; its subtle essence plays a major role in defining and affirming the characteristics in both sexes. The male, biologically and traditionally, has been the initiator and the female the receptor. To maintain that enterprising trait, men instinctively consume slightly more salt than women. The additional salt also serves to balance the male glandular functions, since men have more expanded constitutions. This is evidenced by the male larger and external sexual organs. Man, by intuition, has to consume slightly more salt than the female, this is used to help develop in him the “provider” trait necessary to hunt and gather food, to initiate relationships, and, if need be, to defend his mate and family.

But it is in the area of male virility and sexual character that two of the components of the hormone Cortisone really accomplish great changes. Androsterone and testosterone both help regulate the size of the genitalia, develop good sexual instinct and response, maintain the deeper tones of the male voice and develop good sexual instinct and response. These two substances are also responsible for bulkier skeletal development, heavier bone formation, and genuine virility. The secretions of the adrenals and the pituitary gland are measurably curtailed when refined salt is used. Vasopressin or ADH and the hormone cortisol that are vital to assure optimum sexual functions are no longer secreted when white table salt is the condiment.

These sexual malfunctions, added to the retention of body fluids (caused by the absence of magnesium salts in refined salt), can create a combination that destroys sexual functions and sensitive response. The adrenal glands, sometimes called the glands of combat, secrete masculine motivators and regulators, circulating them in the system. Any muscular activity, average, normal and daily stress, as well as salty or high protein foods -whether from animal or vegetable origin -tend to stimulate the male adrenal cortex in a positive manner. Uncommon stress, however, that which, upsets and harms the inner self, occurs only when the cortex becomes depleted by a lack of trace and macro-minerals in the food or by the excessive consumption of protein. It is this stress that is harmful because it creates cruel and careless behavior, the kind of uncontrollable emotions that lead to disharmony, vehement strife and passionate crimes.

What Is the Effect of Refined Salt on Women?

When trace minerals are absent from the salt a woman uses, ACTH, the adrenocorticotropic hormone, begins to affect all her glands, from the pituitary to the adrenal cortex. These strong male hormones, the androgens, become overpowering and tend to change female characteristics into male aggressive traits by stimulating the adrenal cortex. There are uniquely feminine internal secretions of the ovaries: the estrogens, the luteins, and the folliculins; when these are replaced by the male androgens, the exquisite femininity disappears. This can all be caused by the use of white refined salt. Women are highly intuitive by nature. In order to maintain this trait, their food and their salt need to be selected differently than for men. Flower of Ocean Celtic is an ideal feminine salt. Women become unhappy when they take too much meat, fish, cheese or refined salt. When they do indulge in these, women will often suffer from menstrual irregularities.

If they love at all they usually choose men with passive, obedient traits, or other women, often the kind that also are more submissive. Their delicate feminine balance is lost due to the taking of food and salt that are contrary to the intuitive character of their sex. The reproductive system functions as well as a calm and harmonious mood in both men and women are influenced and determined by the health of the kidneys. A breakdown in the gonad performance is caused by a failure of the kidneys.The kidneys are very efficient filtration organs. Without the continuous cleansing that they provide, the blood would become so toxic that a person would die in a matter of days. It is because of their busy schedule that they are often tired and overtaxed. Refined salt produces pain, aches or tightness in the back, indicating a problem in the kidney function.

Nearly everyone who uses refined salt experiences this at some time or another, and a stepped-up liquid intake relieves the problem only very briefly. This only compounds the problem, since the kidneys now have a greater volume of water as well as hard refined salt in the form of kidney stones (see “Salt and Healing” in the next chapters) to contend with and try to eliminate. This overwork makes them weaker, resulting in a lowering of sexual energy in both women and men. Natural salt allows liquids to freely cross body membranes, the kidney’s glomerulus and blood vessel walls. Whenever the sodium chloride concentration rises in the blood, the water in the neighboring tissues is attracted to that salt-rich blood; then, if they are functioning properly, the kidneys remove the saline fluids easily. Refined salt does not allow this free crossing of liquids and minerals, and causes accumulated fluids to stagnate in joints, producing edema and chronic kidney problems.

Salt Phobia

MANY persons are actually unable to tolerate salty foods at all. That intolerance affects the quality of their health as well as their character. Lacking warmth and affection, these persons remain unhappy. This stems from any of the following causes:

  1. A high salt concentration remaining in tissues and fluids, due to salt plus meat consumption;
  2. Kidneys that have become weak or failed to function;
  3. Conditioned judgment – the person blames the food, the cook, the water but refuses to recognize his or her condition.

Biology states that excess salt collects in tissues and body fluids. However, only refined salt will cause this problem. Natural Celtic salt does not accumulate in the tissues; the magnesium salts will eliminate sodium chloride after it has performed its important jobs of acid-base balance, cell permeability and muscle contractibility. If an excess of natural salt is ingested, then the intake of water is automatically increased by a thirst that craves liquids. The quantity of salt above that which is needed by the body is automatically rejected by the body, but much more easily if natural salt is used. An unbalanced diet or malfunctioning kidneys are much lesser causes of salt retention.

An oversalted condition can become chronic when blood vessel walls are shut tightly by the hardness of refined salt. The disruption of sexual functions is only a warning signal announcing impending illnesses such as urinary tract infections, Addison’s disease, kidney cancer or albumen in the urine. Addison’s disease is a condition of adrenal deficiency. Some of the symptoms are: abnormal cravings for more salt; weak sex drive; gradual darkening of the skin and mucus membranes; and puffiness of face and jaw. This illness has been described as tuberculosis of the adrenals. In symptomatic medicine, it is treated by a steady regimen of hormone injections.

These medications create high blood pressure due to fluid retention made worse by the use of refined salt. They also cause the toxins of these drug and hormone injections to concentrate and stagnate in the body which inevitably results in vulnerability to more disease. One of the major functions of the adrenal cortex is to secrete the hormone cortisone; sodium being a mineral vitally needed for human metabolism, a healthy adrenal cortex prevents the unwarranted elimination of sodium salts. This, together with aldosterone, regulates and balances salt and water throughout the body. Natural cortisone has many other functions, from changing protein into glucides and changing food into cells, to preventing inflammation.

Salt and Healing

Celtic sea salt has countless medicinal uses. It can help in correcting excess acidity; restoring good digestion; relieving allergies and skin diseases; and preventing many forms of cancer. Natural salt provides a steady boost in cellular energy and gives the body a heightened resistance to infections and bacterial diseases. Lima Ohsawa, macrobiotic healer in Japan, has emphatically stated many times, “If you cook your vegetables without salt, you will never cure any illness.” Refined salt has lost its ionic, electrolytic, positive and negative charge properties. It is that particular bio-electronics quality which makes Celtic ocean salt a healing element and a vital, necessary added ingredient in any vegetarian diet. Natural sea salt dried by the sun’s rays contains elements that enhance the human organism by their radioactive properties. It is possible to follow the path of radio calcium as it heads straight to the site of a bone fracture or lesion of an organ upon entering the body.

Other radioactive isotopes work in the same manner, such as radio-manganese, radio-phosphorus, or radio-magnesium. These simple isotopes are led, ionically and electronically, in a straight pathway through the body to their required destination, unerringly reaching the spot where they are needed most. They not only perform such mechanical tasks as bone fracture mending, but are also able to totally restore chronic organ malfunctions and correct aberrant mental conditions. The 70-plus trace elements have definite triggering actions on the body’s various functions, feeding the organs with a specific amount – measurable in parts per million – of elements that help to eliminate or prevent disease. Biomedical research has, for years, recognized that a number of illnesses are directly preventable by the action of metallic ions in the organism such as magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium.

Isolating and administering these elements in the form of mineral supplements is a popular method of treatment whenever a deficiency is diagnosed by hair, nail, body fluid, or fecal analysis. Minerals work in conjunction with each other, and they cannot work to heal when their concentration is increased disproportionately beyond the level of parts per million. Even in a dosage that consists in taking just one tablet of mineral supplementation, the effect can be toxic by upsetting the balance of minerals rather than beneficial. Micro-dosages such as the magnesium salts, as they exist in naturally sun-dried sea salt, which average about .75 % of the total ocean solids, are essential for the electrical breakdown of nutrients. As enzyme activators and controllers of energy transfer in living cells, magnesium salts are also catalysts for carbohydrate metabolism and chemical reactions in the body.

They regulate bone and brain development, blood plasma, and dissolve calcium oxalate deposits, more commonly called kidney stones. If, as in boiled salt, the magnesium salts are lacking or insufficient (less than one half of one percent), kidney stones will form. Taking a salt containing between half and three-quarters of 1 % of magnesium salt prevents the formation of kidney stones, or dissolves those already formed. Magnesium salts in excess of 3% of total solids in salt will, on the other hand, create hardening of the joints and extreme arthritis. Phosphorus is present in natural sea salt also in micro-amounts, that of a period followed by four zeroes and then four sixes (0.00006666). Phosphorus salt compounds initiate and renew bone material which in turn maintain ionic blood composition. They regulate hydrogen ion concentration and vitamin absorption in tissue, and prevent rickets and osteoporosis.

When is it necessary to take in more salt than a normal dose? In the case of hemorrhage, severe burns, violent physical trauma, acute infection, shock from an illness, surgical intervention, or if very deep emotional turmoil occurs, there is an immediate requirement for extra potassium. This is best met by a salt solution made directly from a natural light gray Celtic sea salt. This restores the potassium in the inner cell through the process of transmutation from sodium. (See C. Louis Kervran, Biological Transmutations, trans. Michel Abhesera (Magalia, Calif. Happiness Press, 1988) Proper balance in the body is achieved by maintaining a relatively high potassium content inside the cell and a relatively high sodium concentration outside the cell. When these elements are in excess, this reestablishment of balance can occur in many ways: through urine, sweat, tears, feces, or even vomiting.

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