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Sugar: Armed and Dangerous

Sugar is a major carbohydrate source but is completely devoid of protein, vitamins, and minerals and is not nutritious. Refined white sugar, in granulated or powdered form, and brown sugar are made from either sugar cane or sugar beet. White sugar contains no vitamins or minerals.

The B vitamins needed for its assimilation are robbed from other parts of the body. Sugar leads to an imbalance in the calcium-phosphorus relationship. Sugar may also be contributing factor in the development of overweight, diabetes, arthritis, tooth decay, pyorrhoea, asthma, mental illness, nervous disorders, and low blood sugar.

The next time a television commercial tries to tell you to buy a candy bar for that sudden burst of energy, consider this, the liver can only store about 150 grams of glycogen (which is derived from sugar), and the excess becomes fat globules. While fat globules might not sound particularly bad, they are in fact, what we often call "a spare tire," "heavy thighs" and "flabby forearms."

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