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Table Salt

Table Salt

Table Salt

The Perils of Table Salt Additives

Only an insignificantly small amount of the worldwide salt production ends up in our kitchens as “salt”, here commonly referred to as table salt. Through intensive advertisement campaigns, the salt industry tries to convince the general public of the health advantage of salt additives, such as the highly toxic iodine and fluoride. Iodide is artificially added, claiming to be of benefit to the thyroid, and fluoride, supposedly to strengthen our teeth. However, both components only add to the perils of table salt. The questionable and refutable hypothesis that Germany is a country which lacks iodine, has caused not only the entire country of Germany but also Switzerland and Austria to be indirectly, forcefully medicated with iodine. This commercial campaign started in Germany in 1995 and has been one of the most successful propaganda campaigns of the last twenty years.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the majority of the German general public believes that the artificially, iodine “enriched” table salt is actually healthy for them and therefore willing to consume it. The scientific insights however, on adding iodine and fluoride to sodium chloride, must be critically examined. Meanwhile, more people are suffering from the consequences of these substances that are claimed to be helped by them. The body is simply not in any position to metabolize artificially provided iodine and fluoride compounds. Amongst scientists, it is already known that nitrates belong to the most aggressive carcinogenic substances, and breed selective cancer in numerous organs. Food additives such as iodide, fluoride, polyphenols and metal salts have an accelerating effect on the production of nitrates in the stomach.

Iodide is first on the list of substances that catalyze and accelerate the production of nitrates, by literally six fold. One important consideration for cancer prevention is to completely avoid iodide. Japan, one of the countries with the highest iodine deposits in the world, also has a 25 percent rate of thyroid cancer. In other countries the thyroid cancer rates decrease to the extent of the decrease in iodide consumption. Less iodide means less cancer. Even the renowned German magazine “Oeko-test” (Eco-test), depicted halogen compounds from such halogens as iodine, fluoride, bromine and chloride as inappropriate for consumption, because most of these compounds cause allergies and are carcinogenic. A US study found that adding iodide to salt could be the cause of a decrease in male sperm cells.

Added to this, table salt most often contains preservatives, added but not mandatory to be labeled, such as calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, as well as aluminum hydroxide, to prevent the grains of salt from clumping together. Aluminum is a light metal that is known to accumulate in the brain. It is assumed that the high rate of Alzheimer’s disease in the US is linked to a high consumption of pre-processed foods, packed in aluminum, as well as to a high consumption of soft drinks from aluminum cans. The distress caused by aluminum undermines the bridging of nervous pathways, which blocks our thought process.

After all, it is the natural salt, containing all natural elements of the Earth, removed as impurities by biochemists, that enables our brain processes to even function. Salt consisting of all the natural elements is considered, in error, by the biochemical industry to be contaminated. In reality, only the naturally occurring calcium, potassium and magnesium found in salt can be absorbed and used by the body. We need salt in its holistic form, with all the natural elements, in order for our bodies to function perfectly. We need calcium, potassium and magnesium in the exact proportion and order as they appear in natural salt in order for our body to absorb and optimally utilize these minerals and trace elements. We need salt in its holistic state, with all its inherent natural elements, so that our body can function the way it is designed to.

The Perils of Sea Salt

Salt is plentiful on Earth, especially in the oceans, which cover approximately 70 percent of the surface. However, the oceans are being degraded to waste disposal-dumping facilities and are being polluted with heavy metals like, lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and more. Not a single year passes without major news of at least one fractured oil tanker causing a catastrophe. Of course, the poison elements also have their own vibration patterns which are dissonant and therefore, harmful to our bodies. So, today, sea salt doesn’t have the same positive impact on our health as it used to. In addition, 80 percent of all the sea salt producers are refining their salt. But there is still sufficient pure, holistic salt available on Earth, left when millions of years ago the sun evaporated the primal oceans. The crystal salt that exists within the Himalayan Mountains is still as pure as the ancient primal oceans and contains all the elements as found in our body. Such a Salt Brine is a vast source of energy.

Author: Life Enthusiast

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