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Endoca – Get the Advantage

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Podcast 312 with Chase Hudson about CBD Hemp Oil

Hemp extracts are very helpful with mood imbalance, neurological dysfunction, and general need for relief from stress. Read More

Podcast 301 about Hemp Oil Q and A

Let’s explain the terminology, and the confusion between hemp oil, and hemp seed oil. How does it work, why does it work, and what does it do for you? Read More

Podcast 300 about Hemp Oil Q and A

There is so much to learn – the topic is both old and new. We are finally able to bring the goodness of hemp to the people. Read More

Podcast 093 about Hemp Seeds the Perfect Food

Historically, hemp has been the universal provider of fiber for rope, sails and clothes and now we see that it’s very high in protein. The seeds have a pleasant nutty taste and provide a broad range of nutrients, especially essential fatty acids. Hemp protein is well absorbed and very nutritious. Read More