The Roots of Twilight America

Jim Carter’s Artifact

Jim Carter (Twilight America) spent nearly 30 years replicating and refining the ancient water treatment technology. When I visited him in 2004, he handed me the original Artifact to examine it was emitting a very strong field of benevolent energy. I interacted with it intuitively and asked it to tell me how old it was. The reply I got was 4,560 years. That would be about the times of Moses. I drank the water treated with it, and I took the two naps and a bath in the Star Chamber the Rejuvenation Station that made me feel many years younger in a short two-hour session.

Jim Carters Artifact

Take a good look at the picture. This is the ancient artifact replica that Jim and his associates made. In the picture, you see two of the stones so that you see both faces of it. It is made from the same ceramic material with Laminar Crystal as Twilight America Sparkly Cupcakes and Sparkly Pearls.

If you read the whole story, you already understand that there was a lengthy process of trial an error that Jim went through to develop the proper mixing, drying and firing techniques to produce devices that structured water in the same manner as the ancient artifact.

Jim Carter passed away in 2005 it is quite ironic that the man who brought us so many life-extending tools leaves well before his 60th birthday and left behind a long string of unfinished business. His last assistant was Anne, and she was left with the task of trying to save the contents of the warehouse from being destroyed or sent to a landfill.

Anne saved 8 of these Artifacts, and kept them all these years. She will hang onto at least one of them. The rest are offered for sale. In order to be fair to her I suggested that we ask all interested parties to make an offer, and that we sell to the highest bidder. I also suggested that we should ask for at least $500.00 for each of these unique, very hard to duplicate objects. [all sold in 2021]

These Artifacts work on the same principle as our other Star Chamber devices. They accumulate ambient life force and transfer it to any water rich objects nearby. The effects people experience include increased energy, relief from pain, and clarity of thinking. You can read about the Star Chamber rejuvenation spa system. We have presently several complete sets available for sale, so if you are interested in serious rejuvenation, or know someone who might be able to make the investment, please be in touch. Read about the Star Chamber Sleeper or about Twilight America products.

Author: Martin Pytela