Why Do We Need Enzymes?

Enzymes are the catalysts that enable and regulate all biochemical reactions within your body. They are critical in digestion of food. There are specific enzymes to break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber to help process and extract nutrients from the food you eat. There are other that help you remove toxins and metabolites from your cells. Enzymes turn the food you eat into energy. Systemic enzymes help maintain your cells, your blood, organs, muscles and immune system functions.

Enzyme reserves decline with age and need to be restored to maintain youthful function. The answer to Why do we need enzymes is in our lifestyle: If you eat cooked or canned food, you need to supplement. And if you are experiencing the effects of aging, you can slow it down and even reverse it by supplementing enzymes. They are the key to optimal function of every cell in your body.

Why does a young child have beautiful skin? His body is loaded with enzymes. The second he falls off the trike and scrapes his knee his body sends out protease to clean up all damaged cells and replace them with fresh new ones. Sometimes a kid will heal overnight what takes the average adult a week or more. Protease is what your immune system needs to get debris broken down so it can be taken away. Protease does for your deep tissues what soap and scrubbing do for your outside. Imagine feeling squeaky clean all the way through.

Author: Life Enthusiast