Why Take Calcium Supplements?

The mainstream wisdom says that calcium builds strong bones and that is essentially true. But what form of calcium will actually end up in the bones, instead of in your joints, or in your arteries, or in your kidneys? Should everybody supplement with calcium? Is there enough calcium in the vegetables I eat? Should I drink milk?

And that’s just the simplistic, reductionist view. Calcium is essential for many body functions. Calcium is the most alkalizing mineral your body uses to keep itself in balance. If your lifestyle is making your body fluids more acidic, calcium will be taken from the reserves in your bones to buffer the acidity. You could say that osteoporosis is not an illness of not enough calcium in the body, just not enough calcium in the bones.

There are four main minerals required for your healthy function: calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. So the answer to Why Take Calcium Supplements becomes quite obvious: Besides being a major building material in your bones and teeth, calcium (together with magnesium) regulate your autonomic nervous system. Every time your brain sends a nerve impulse to your heart, or to your muscles to engage, calcium is involved. If you are not sure that there is enough calcium in your diet, you do need to supplement it.

Based on your Metabolic Type, you may require much more calcium than others. We can help you discover your type, but that’s a topic for another day. Calcium will activate your Sympathetic system, so if you are a certain type, it may make you quite short tempered. It could cause your muscles and tendons to become stiff and prone to injury.

Not all calcium supplements are equally effective: ionic and chelated forms are most absorbable, yet as long as it is combined with food and enzymes, even the powdered natural coral calcium can be very effective, especially when combined with the right enzymes. You can find excellent calcium supplements on the Life Enthusiast website.

Author: Life Enthusiast