Why We Eat Superfoods

You want an official answer, don’t you? So here it is…

Keep on eating however you like. Continue with your habits. These really don’t make much difference. Nutrition supplements are a fraud. Everything you need is already in your food. The more malnourished and nutrient-deficient you are, the better poised you will be to evade illness and the stronger you will be to deal with it when you do get it. The more of your flesh and organs that can be cut out, and the stronger the chemical poisons you are prescribed, and the more intense the radiation you are exposed to, the better!

Well, anyway, that is what the popular corporate and medical circles would still like to have you believe – and sadly, you may know one or two persons entirely and aggressively possessed of such thinking – and clinging to such activities.

Raw juices are an incredible powerful healing tool and can improve the function of the liver, bowels and kidneys. This increases the elimination of toxins and waste products from the skin. The fresh raw vegetable juices are vitally important. It is good to use both whole fruits and vegetables in the diet as well as the juices as the juices provide an easily absorbable form of nutraceuticals that are very beneficial for the liver. Juices made freshly from raw fruits and or vegetables have unique healing & rejuvenating properties. For those who feel they need an extra boost there is nothing better than having a raw juice everyday. It will brighten up the day by providing extra energy & endurance. Juices are unique because they allow the gut to receive very concentrated amounts of phytonutrients that could not be obtained by eating a normal amount of raw vegetables & fruits. Juices are high in Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, living plant enzymes to aid digestion & vitamin K in green leafy vegetables.
-Dr. Sandra Cabot

Here is what we believe. Here is what we know. We happen to be living on a planet at the front lines of a busy battle between love and fear. This battle is fought at all levels – not just with tanks in the sand – and not just with cheap handguns shooting innocent children in schools or the inner city. Mostly it is fought in the six inches between one’s left ear and one’s right ear – the gate to your soul. Fear tricks people (even entire countries) into believing things, saying things, and doing things, which make no sense at all from a paradigm of love and truth.

We can all make better choices about what we say and how we say it. We can all employ more courage for one another, and endeavor to develop transparent honesty. We can make better choices about how we treat one another. And you and I can do it from this moment forward. We can make better choices about what we put into our bodies. We can treat them like a dump or we can treat them like the temples they truly are. Most of all, we can take responsibility for our own condition and experience in life. Good, or not so good, once we take responsibility for our own experience We own it. You may develop your sense of awareness and consent through conscious exercise. Just as a body builder develops physical muscle, you can develop spiritual muscle.

In the industrial realm it makes sense to live without thankfulness for creation, to ridicule nutrition, to live malnourished, and then act surprised when disease is experienced – and then treat those symptoms with dead chemical poisons offering the starving, tortured cells more toxins and torture. A basic difference here is found in the thinking based upon one’s choices. One way of thinking is disease-oriented – “How do we best alleviate this disease condition with cut, burn, or poison methods?”

The other way of thinking makes no offerings to, nor for the idol of disease or dysfunction, but rather asks an entirely different question. “What do we feed the cells so they have the most abundant experience in life?” Daily for 15 years, we have witnessed the fruits of these nutrition formulas in the lives of those who feed their cells and life-energy fields with them. We know that there are countless good doctors and nurses working behind the lines where they are most needed. Positive change is already quite apparent and gaining meaningful momentum. But, that is a glacially slow process that most of us don’t have enough time for. We need an alternative now, not twenty years too late.

In one most recent case, an elderly fellow living in a small town was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was prescribed a course of stout chemotherapy. A mutual friend gave him some spiritual counseling and a bottle of Excela-50, and he began taking it. Then the elderly fellow and his wife moved a long drive away over the mountains, and took an apartment in the big city where he would be undergoing the long weeks of chemo. His doctors warned him that after each session, he would be miserable, and too weakened to travel home. Three weeks and only three-quarters of a bottle of Excela-50 after the diagnosis he went into the city hospital for the tests just prior to starting the chemo treatments. When I spoke to him on the phone, his doctors had informed him of his test results a few hours before – “No cancer”. Though he and his wife had uprooted and moved in vain to be near treatments he no longer needed, his voice was filled with joy. Not loud, but solid.

While on the phone he ordered two more bottles of Excela-50, not complaining about the $36.40 in shipping costs to his international location. The powers that be, under the banner of the serpent, require for their contracts with you, that each medicine be only one dead molecule, tested by their arbitrary tests in its ability to “control” cancer, under the monopoly of their banner, at a cost now into hundreds of millions of dollars per approval, and at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars per patient. Under another banner, the power is in your choice, and the number of living-food molecules and their synergies is unlimited – and the test is in this team’s ability to feed and inspire your own cells to allow no environment for cancer. Some people are missing out on what our simpler products could do for them in conjunction with Iridesca. Please take a look and decide for yourself.

Author: Life Enthusiast