Would You Eat Greens To Keep Your Marbles?

Jevari Oberon, the inventor and formulator of our Exsula Superfoods, shared with me some thoughts about his trip to visit his father to celebrate his 90th birthday. Jevari’s dad is his longest living test subject almost 20 years on Exsula Superfoods. In his 91st year, Dad drives his car, chops his firewood, and quotes from the Bible as if he read it yesterday. This is the same man that was having heart pains in his late sixties barely able to walk up a gentle incline. By switching to supplementing with chlorophyll-rich supplements he went from being ill with circulatory problems 25 years ago to a very healthy man at ninety: Not bad!

Exsula Superfoods work better than most, because of the uncompromised quality of ingredients they use, and the fanatical attention they pay to the preservation of enzymes, and to reduction of particles down to fine powder. The result are products that get us reference letters such as this: I used Exsula for several years and loved it. I moved and lost touch. Over the next six years I tried every possible superfood on the market, and nothing came even close.

When I take my Exsula, it feels like I am flooding my cells with light! I am so delighted that I found you again! The critical ingredient in these stories is chlorophyll, the dark green pigment that is molecularly very similar to hemoglobin in your red blood cells just switch an atom of iron for the atom of magnesium, and otherwise you do not need to change a thing. I am not suggesting that there is a direct conversion from one into the other, but at least you have all the right building blocks, in the right ratios, present at the same time.

Author: Life Enthusiast