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Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are a naturally occurring component of fruit carbohydrates that have beneficial effects as food ingredients, supporting gastrointestinal and immune function.

frusto-oligo-saccharidesYou are utterly dependent upon your intestine as a primary organ for assimilating nutrients and eliminating toxins. You share the use of your intestine with 100 trillion microorganisms weighing roughly the same as your left arm from elbow to fingertip. Beneficial microorganisms (like acidophilus) support your health by creating specially needed nutrients like vitamins B-3, B-6, B-12, biotin, folic acid and K, plus natural antibiotics, anti-tumor factors and other immune factors.

Undesirable microorganisms like Candida albicans eat your food and poison you in return. Environmental pollution, antibiotics and sugary, processed foods can drastically alter your intestinal environment allowing undesirables to take over.

When eaten at the rate of 1 gram per day, FOS has been shown to decrease undesirables and to create a fivefold increase in beneficial, health-creating flora.

FOS provide nutritional support for the entire GI tract by addressing four key areas of intestinal function: energy requirements of intestinal mucosa, structural composition of intestinal and colonic cells, microorganism balance, and regulation of protective intestinal mucous secretions.

The Japanese diet may hold the answer to cutting the soaring death rate from colon cancer in the United States. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes the association between the high-fat, high-protein diet of Western societies and an increased incidence of colorectal cancer. While the rate of colon cancer in the United States continues to climb (25 deaths per 100,000 population annually, the third-highest form of cancer in the United States), the death rate from colon cancer in Japan is more than one-third lower (16 deaths per 100,000 population annually).

Diet appears to be an important factor in the difference of colon cancer rates between the populations of these two modern, industrialized nations.

Inulation Prebiotic
Inulation Prebiotic
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