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Blog: Health - Pancreas

"We dig our graves with our teeth!"

Pancreas Problems ? Dr. John R. Christopher at Complete Writings The pancreas is an organ of the body that offers one of the best examples we can give on the principle of "working on the cause" of sickness and not on "the effect" only. The following description comes from Nathaniel Kleitman, Bi

This entry was posted in Health - Pancreas on 7/25/2017

The pancreas lies just behind the lower part of the stomach.

Pancreas The pancreas is a long, lobe-like gland which is responsible for secreting the hormone insulin and an alkaline fluid which aids in digestion. Insulin is important in the body's utilization of blood sugar and lack of this hormone leads to diabetes mellitus. The digestive fluid is secret

This entry was posted in Health - Pancreas on 7/25/2017

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