MPS-Gold 100
Glyconutrients ~ Health Benefits Beyond Aloe VeraMPS-Gold 100 has improved so many conditions - it would be hard to list them all because positive effects have shown in every cell, organ, gland and system in the body. Rebuild tissue damaged by stroke or oxygen deprivation Profound changes in the brain and nervous systems Supports circulatory and digestive systems Increase joint mobility, reduce inflammation and pain Stabilize blood ...
Increase Cellular HydrationIndependent clinical studies prove that drinking sufficient amounts of M-Water significantly increases cellular hydration within a few days, then stabilizes at higher levels over extended periods of time. In addition to increased energy and more available oxygen, drinking plenty of M-Water results in: decreased inflammation more coherent brain chemistry improved athletics and sports ...
Increase Your Energy & OxygenationOne thousand times more potentized for optimal healing response than M-Water, Core-Water significantly increases cellular hydration. Use as an upgrade to M-Water, after using M-Water for at least a month to allow for detoxification and cellular restructuring to evolve to prevent a healing crisis to set in. Accelerate the effects of M-Water for increased energy, better oxygenation, lower toxicity ...
Experience Profound ChangesThe optimum Monatomic Element Program is to take both H2Ormus and MPS GOLD 100 every day. That way you are increasing the level of Monatomic Elements in your body through transforming the existing elements and minerals in your body and also adding more from an outside source. Try out Dr. Wheeler's ultimate combination of products for health based on the Monatomic Element theory and you will ...
MPS-Gold 3 X
Take With MPS-Gold 100MPS-Gold 3X should not be taken independently. Organic & kosher functional food should be taken with MPS-Gold 100 to provide these benefits: support a healthy immune system (protection against infections) support heart, nervous and digestive systems mental clarity and positive mood joint mobility reduce pain and inflammation decrease systemic candida improve cell-to-cell ...