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  • Reverse Memory Loss


    Reverse Memory Loss

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     By: Earth Friend Herb Co
    Reverse Memory Loss

    This combination of herbs has historically shown to aid in the prevention of memory loss and associated symptoms. Relatives of people using ALZ-Ease report that daily users exhibit better memory and memory functions in a short amount of time. Users of ALZ-Ease who use the product for themselves, report overall better memory. ALZ-Ease approaches the problem of memory loss with a unique blend of herbs that are used for a multi purpose approach to this problem. Herbs used in this combination have historically been used to clear the brain of offending...

    • Prevent Memory Loss
    • Clear the Brain
    • Help Nerve Synapses
  • Get Your Brain Turned ON!


    Get Your Brain Turned ON!

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     By: E3Live
    Get Your Brain Turned ON!

    BrainON Improves Mental and Emotional Performance BrainON a proprietary extract that contains a significant concentration of phenylethylamine (PEA), coined the "molecule of love". It has been shown to enhance concentration, attention and create a feeling of well being. Daily consumption of 10mg of PEA has shown to alleviate anxiety and chronic low moods. Daily consumption of 3-5mg is effective at increasing attention, elevating mood and increasing overall quality of life. BrainON can balance your mood and increase your focus and attention so that you may shine everyday in demanding situations. Your Brain at Your...

    • Enhance Your Energy and Sense of Well-Being
    • Improve Your Mental Focus, Concentration and Attention
    • Lift and brighten mood with the PEA, the “love molecule”
  • High in Life Force for General Repair

    Lemon Balm Spagyric Tincture

    High in Life Force for General Repair

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     By: ORMUS Oils
    High in Life Force for General Repair

    The object of plant alchemy is to supplement forces lacking within the body, tempering energies and restoring balance, both physically and spiritually. "Alchemy provides the perfect medium through which the state of perfection or harmonious balance can be gained." ~ Frater Albertus, The Alchemist's Handbook Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis): Chakra - Crown Day - Thursday Planetary Ruler - Jupiter Plant Parts Used - leaves Energy - cheerfulness, expansion, joy, luck, judgment, opportunity, assimilation, digestion and metabolism. Considered excellent for  general repair, by the famous alchemist Paracelsus, because Lemon Balm is high in natural healing life force. When Jupiter...

    • Increase Cheerfulness and Joy
    • Antibiotic and Antiviral
    • Strengthen Brain and Memory
  • Quantum Grace Recording

    Deep Sleep and Relaxation

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     By: Life Enthusiast
    Deep Sleep and Relaxation

    Enter the world of Harmony, of True and Deep Relaxation This Quantum Grace Recording helps you fall asleep quickly and awake in the morning feeling refreshed. Gently releases emotional blocks by simply listening to the energy conveyed. With true and deep relaxation, you can experience difficult situations a clear, enlightening way. Extremely effective treatment for sleepless nights and anxiety. Even helps calm hospitalized anxiety patients, and many different types of physical pain. When you make the purchase we will send you the download link by email. The video (Thank You Song) in the next tab...

    • Better Sleep, Feel Good in the Morning
    • Relief from Nervousness and Pain
    • Enhance Prayer and Meditation
    • Use it to calm “sundowning” in dementia, and autism