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  • Amazing Soak

    Oxygenating Soaking Solution

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     By: Wetway
    Oxygenating Soaking Solution

    Amazing Soak Increase Your Oxygen to Eliminate Pain Rejuvenate Your Skin and All Internal Tissues Soak your body (or feet) to increase your oxygen, energy and alertness.  Revitalize your skin with deep pore cleansing. Reduce stress and pain. The longer you soak, the deeper it goes. Enhances your available oxygen to help: Alleviate sore, tired or over-exercised muscles Recover faster from injury, surgery, strenuous activity Reduce pain from inflammation Increase blood flow Effective oral antimicrobial rinse Improve energy and sleep or relaxation Support elimination of toxins. Amazing Soak Diminishes Skin Problems Antiseptic (disinfecting) and anti-inflammatory (reduce...

    • Raise Your Energy and Sharpen Your Senses
    • Reduce Swelling and Pain, Sleep Better
    • Revitalize Skin, Muscles, Organs
  • digestion, nutrient absorption, metabolism, detoxification

    Amazing O

    Supports Cellular Oxygenation

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     By: Wetway
    Supports Cellular Oxygenation

    By supporting cellular oxygenation, Amazing O enhances: Digestion Nutrient Absorption Metabolism Detoxification. Concentrate for Nasal and Oral Disinfectant Spray and MORE See 'Instructions' tab for specific dilutions. Transdermal Oxygenation Optimal oxygenation is essential for good health. Increase your body's oxygen levels  to improve digestion and nutrient uptake, invigorate, boost energy and support metabolism. Drinking Water Create a highly purified and more oxygenated drink. Eliminate pathogens (bacteria, fungi, virus) and breakdown resistant chemical contaminants. Improves oxygenation in blood and tissues Aids digestion Boost energy Detoxifies Anti-inflammatory Anti-parasitic Alcohol-free antiseptic wash Improve gum and mouth health Reduce excess plaque,...

    • Improves Oral, Sinus and Lung Health
    • Fast-acting and Soothing
    • Inactivates Viruses, Eliminates Bacteria and Fungi
  • Nasal and Oral Spray


    Nasal and Oral Disinfectant Spray

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     By: Wetway
    Nasal and Oral Disinfectant Spray

    Transdermal Oxygenation O-Spray is a Game Changer! This vertical micro mist spray bottle is for both nasal and oral use. Helps to disable allergens and protect from invading airborne agents. Safe for all ages. O-Spray For Nasal Use: Fast acting Barrier against all airborne agents Neutralizes allergens and airborne contaminants Relieves dryness in nasal passages Helps remove microbial colonies on nose and throat Inactivates virus, eliminate bacteria and fungi Lessens the effect of existing viral attack Clears sinuses Reduces sinus inflammation Improves infectious respiratory conditions Non-habit forming. O-Spray For Oral Use: Fast-acting penetration of...

    • Clears Sinuses, Improves Oral Health
    • Fast-acting and Soothing
    • Inactivates Viruses, Eliminates Bacteria and Fungi
  • Oxygenating Eye Drops


    Oxygenating Eye Drops

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     By: Wetway
    Oxygenating Eye Drops

    Healthy Eyes Need Adequate Oxygen Colyrio provides adequate oxygen to eye tissues. And helps restore the electrolyte balance of natural tears. This is essential for healthy eyes. Fast-acting, sterile, sensitive eye formula. Helps alleviate high pressure and pain. Provides a moisturizing and soothing effect within minutes. Symptoms of low oxygen in the eyes include: Watery eyes (excessive tearing) Dry eyes (lack of tearing) Burning Itching Redness Sensation of grittiness Blurred vision Inflammation, swelling Frequent and persistent infections (secretions, morning crusting). When Colyrio combines with natural tears: It purifies them Breaks down contaminants Maximizes oxygen Improves...

    • Alleviates Eye Irritations
    • Relieves Tired, Strained Eyes
    • Supports Cornea and Retina Health
  • MSM – Bioavailable Sulfur

    GaiaThera Opti-MSM

    MSM – Bioavailable Sulfur

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     By: GaiaThera
    MSM – Bioavailable Sulfur

    GaiaThera Opti-MSM is an Excellent Source of Organic Sulfur The primary function of Sulfur from MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is transporting oxygen across your cell membranes. Without intracellular oxygen, your health declines and you age sooner, rather than later. Oxygen Transportation Across Cell Membranes Improves... Cellular respiration (conversion of nutrients into energy, then waste elimination) Healthy cell regeneration Recovery from fatigue Athletic performance Tissue rebuilding - this is the short list. Cellular oxygen transport enables healthy cellular regeneration. It's essential to joint and soft-tissue repair, and maintenance. It may speed up muscle recovery by assisting in...

    • Cellular Detoxification and Oxygen Utilization
    • Joint Repair and Maintenance
    • Recovery from Chronic Aches, Over-exertion or Repetitive Stress
    • Relief from Fatigue (temporary or chronic)
  • Refresher, Cleansing and Sanitizer Spray

    OH Mist

    Cleansing and Sanitizing Refresher Spray

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     By: Wetway
    Cleansing and Sanitizing Refresher Spray

    Sanitize Virus, Bacteria and Fungi OH Mist uses emerging technology to kill biological pollutants. And natural and man-made toxic byproducts. Extremely effective against all waterborne and airborne contaminants. Safe to spray on all face masks. It will not affect impermeable coatings. Use OH Mist On Hands and Masks: Sanitize and reduce up to 99.9% of germs Safe to apply onto a mask while wearing Effective barrier against all germs Neutralize allergens and airborne contaminants Inactivate virus Eliminate bacteria and fungi Reduce face breakout and rashes caused by prolonged mask use. OH Mist can be applied...

    • Santizer Hands, Face and Masks
    • Use As Often As Needed
    • No Rinse Required
  • MegaHydrate

    Hydration Supplement for Health and Performance

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     By: Phi Sciences
    Hydration Supplement for Health and Performance

    You will be amazed by the anti-oxidizing and hydrating power of MegaHydrate. MegaHydrate scavenges for and removes reactive free radicals within your body and is one of the best antioxidant supplements on the market today. This antioxidant action has important benefits, which may include better memory, increased stamina, improved hearing and vision, and a more youthful appearance. Research suggests that aging can be significantly slowed by proper hydration of the cells in our bodies. Without proper hydration, everything is affected - hair, skin, fingernails, even elimination. MegaHydrate contains elements of potassium citrate, silica,...

    • Significantly slow aging with one of the most powerful Antioxidants on Earth
    • Increase your stamina, hearing, visions and memory
    • Lower all Inflammatory reactions in your body
  • germanium ionic mineral


    Ionic Mineral Supplement

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     By: CR Supplements
    Ionic Mineral Supplement

    Germanium increases Oxygen movement into your cells. Oxygen cleanses toxic waste. This optimizes all organ health and activity. Oxygen is the key to good health because without it, we quickly die. When Oxygen supply is limited, the function of every body part diminishes. When Oxygen supply increases, all organ activity is enhanced. This results in more energy and better overall health. Germanium also serves as an electrical semiconductor. This helps maintain electrical fields in your...

    • Increase Oxygen In Your Cells
    • Cleanse Toxic Waste
    • Optimize All Organ Health and Activity
  • Ultimate Oxygen Detox

    MagO7 Cleanse

    Ultimate Oxygen Detox

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     By: NB Pure
    Ultimate Oxygen Detox

    Balance Your Digestive System Flora MagO7 Cleanse  provides a full digestive cleanse, providing relief for many common health issues: Constipation, improves slow, sluggish digestion Low energy Mood swings Skin issues Headaches Enhancing your wellness routine Creating a healthier, happier gut Improving gut microbiome (balanced flora) Helps digestion for low-carb and keto diets Cleaning your stomach and intestines naturally Creates an inhospitable environment for bad bacteria and other toxins. MagO7 Cleanse is a unique and effective overnight cleanse. Slowly releases oxygen in your digestive system. This supports your good flora that are essential for...

    • Fast-acting Stool Softener
    • Balances Digestive Flora
    • Enhances Overall Health
  • Crystal Energy

    Hydration, Detox and pH Balancing

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     By: Phi Sciences
    Hydration, Detox and pH Balancing

    The Secret of Longevity: True Hydration - Heavy Metal Detox - and pH Balancing Without proper hydration, your cells cannot properly absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Both of these functions are critical to maintaining your health. Crystal Energy takes hydration to the next level, ensuring that toxins get out faster and that its nutrients can get into your cells to aid in repair. Get into the flow of good health! Crystal Energy is a food-grade liquid dietary supplement that tastes great and does your whole body good. Simply add it to...

    • Fast Fix for Commercial Water – just Add a Few Drops
    • One of the Most Powerful Antioxidants on Earth
    • Increases Your Energy and Stamina, Hearing, Vision, Memory
  • Cleanse Your Lymphatic System


    Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

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     By: RemedyLink
    Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

    Lymplex supports your lymphatic system. Helps maintain strong immunity. Highly beneficial at the first sign poor health. And part of a complete detox program. Organic herb blend designed to strengthen and tighten lymph nodes and junctions. And flush out the 45 pints of fluid in our lymphatic system. The lymph system includes 1,000,000+ nodes and specialized organs. Spleen, tonsils, thymus and appendix. It's responsible for proper immune function. And direct drainage and detoxification of blood and interstitial...

    • Detoxify Your Lymphatic System
    • Rebuild Your Oxygen Transport
    • Prevent Fatigue and Aging
  • ionic mineral supplement


    Stabilized Oxygen

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     By: CR Supplements
    Stabilized Oxygen

    When your body is an Oxygen-rich environment, it's alkaline. This discourages anaerobic bacteria, viruses and yeast from thriving. Good aerobic gut bacteria love Oxygen. Your overall well being depends on healthy gut bacteria and plentiful Oxygen. Low Oxygen levels create an acidic environment. This allows anaerobic bacteria, viruses and yeast to thrive. We are oxygen-dependent beings. All cells use it. It provides good energy, optimal health and general well-being. Your oxygen levels can be reduced from: Daily stresses Immune system problems Poor circulation Pollution...

    • Create an Oxygen-rich Environment In Your Body
    • More Oxygen = Better Energy, Less Disease
    • Discourages Anaerobic Bacteria, Viruses and Yeast