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Exsula Superfoods


Support A Weakened Body

Excela-50 for More Energy and Enthusiasm for Life Make this base-line Superfood part of your daily routine. Each bottle of Excela-50 delivers a vast improvement over the nutrition that the produce section of your grocery store can deliver. It's an artfully crafted formulation
Exsula SuperfoodsExcela-50

Exsula Superfoods


Support A Weakened Body

  • Energizing Enzyme Rich Superfood for General Maintenance
  • Best for Beginners or For Very Ill People - Peacefully Energizing
  • Suitable For Both Young and Old, and Even Pets
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Excela-50 for More Energy and Enthusiasm for Life

Make this base-line Superfood part of your daily routine.

Each bottle of Excela-50 delivers a vast improvement over the nutrition that the produce section of your grocery store can deliver. It's an artfully crafted formulation of enzyme rich plants and microscopic sea vegetables.

Your life energy level is a sort of enzymatic bank account. Many persons on typical processed (low enzyme) diets are making mostly withdrawals (and very few deposits), until their life-energy (health) is overdrawn. Excela-50 is created to enhance the deposit ledger of your life-energy account.

  • Energizing Enzyme Rich Superfood for General Maintenance
  • Best for Beginners or For Very Ill People - Peacefully Energizing
  • Suitable For Both Young and Old, and Even Pets
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Rich in Enzymes

Medical researchers document that your enzyme levels decline as you age. But consider the possibility that you age because your enzyme levels decline. You age because of declining enzyme levels. Your life energy level is the reflection of your living enzyme intake. Cooked and processed foods are devoid of living enzymes.

To live an energized life you must supply your body with living enzymes!

Customer Report

I have a compromised digestive system, and must frequently eat very small amounts of food. Twice recently, I have eaten too much delicious food, felt uncomfortable, and that would cause me pain in a few hours. Since Excela-50 is loaded with enzymes, I thought that a dose might improve my digestion, so I drank a heaping tablespoon in juice. Lo and Behold, I forgot about all the discomfort, as it completely disappeared.
Thank-You Exsula!

Customer Reviews

Top Reviews

I have it everyday

by Victoria B on November 26, 2006
Verified Purchase

I think this superfood is Great! I have it everyday in a smoothy. It makes my day go so much better. I look forward to drinking it!! It is a great buy!! Thank you so much for your Exsula superfoods!!!

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feel markedly better

by Terrisa H on January 16, 2008
Verified Purchase

I am starting to feel markedly better. I appreciate your help so much!

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our energy level and general wellbeing have increased

by Susan G on January 11, 2009
Verified Purchase

"My husband and I have been using the Excela-50 for about a month now. we both feel that our energy level and general wellbeing have increased as a result. We are grateful!"

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a healthy product, it tastes great!

by Sharon K on February 21, 2009
Verified Purchase

Not only is this a healthy product, it tastes great! The other day I was sitting in a car with my associate, having just picked up a bottle at the post office, and we were eating the blend raw, right out of the bottle, fighting over it. I now recommend it to all my clients.

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Much better than the Chlorella Powder

by Diana C on December 22, 2009
Verified Purchase

Much better than the Chlorella Powder. I have used the Exsula 50 and love it, Trying the other blends next.

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people commented that I looked great

by Val-David S on January 22, 2014
Verified Purchase

I got my order today and had a drink of Excela right away. Please tell Jevari ""thanks for not giving up when you know who tried to shut him down in the early nineties."" That's when I first used his wonderful products. I was in Alaska for the summer working for a tourist show. I remember when I returned home that several people commented that I looked great and wondered what I was doing different. Looking forward to getting that glow back!

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

Great Product. Enjoyable.

by Sherry H on April 09, 2015
Verified Purchase

Great Product. Enjoyable.

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noticeable increase in energy

by Valerie F on May 15, 2015
Verified Purchase

I highly recommend this product. I had a noticeable increase in energy.

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We use Wild Crafted whenever we can, Organic as a second choice, Responsibly Farmed when organic does not apply. We explicitly avoid GMO (Genetically Modified) sources.

These ingredients are carefully handled at low temperatures to save enzyme and phytonutrient vitality by means of incredible new gentler technologies. The natural qualities are protected by the antioxidant components we integrate with other nutrients during processing. Our superfine particle size promotes high absorption levels.

Excela-50 Life Energy Proprietary Blend (serving = 3 teaspoons or 6,670 mg)
AuraGreens Organic Superior-Grade Low-Temp Green Leaf Juices of Barley, Kamut (Ancient Wheat), Alfalfa & Watercress 1,766
AquaAura Carotene-Rich Sea Plant Blend: Kona Spirulina, Plus Open Wall Chlorella, Nova Scotia Dulse, Coral (Natural Calcium & Minerals), Dunaliella & Kelp 1,570
EFAs, Protein & Fiber Complex of High-Pectin Apple Fiber, Golden Flax, Stabilized Rice Bran, Salba Chia, Glucomannan, Slippery Elm, Aleipho Elaia Oils of Raspberry Seed, Olive (7 Types), Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Frankincense & White Rose 1,220
Synergistica Schizandra, Acerola Cherry, Elderberry, Silymarin, Aloe, Ginger, Cayenne & Saffron 1,102
Cellulon XtraPure (Sunflower Lecithin + Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Vitamin E & D Complex), Royal Jelly, Coenzyme Q10 (97-99% Pure, Synergized with 1,000mg of Lecithin) 787
Strata-Flora 49x Probiotics Blend (110 Million Active Organisms Including AuraLumina Vegetable Enzyme Cultures), L. Acidophilus, Symbiotic Soil Flora & Kombucha, Plus FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) 225


Directions for Use

Just add water and/or 100% fruit or vegetable juice (best to use fresh juices or "Not From Concentrate" juices). Start at 1/2 teaspoon daily and increase gradually to your optimum daily amount. A good basic goal is 3 level teaspoons daily, best taken in two or even three doses.

Excellent in blender shakes. Try 3 teaspoons of Excela-50 with 1 banana, 2 cups of orange juice, 2 tablespoons of frozen pineapple juice concentrate and 1/2 cup of ice. Excela-50 blends really well with other fruits, berries, and even salads.

Never make it too thick. Your blend should be healthfully delicious, with the consistency of a thin fruit smoothie. Swirl, reshake or stir with a spoon or straw between sips.

Adjust servings for larger or smaller people, and depending upon stressing exposures, age, diet, special needs, desires, goals, and athletic activity.

Peak enzyme performance occurs within 3 hours of mixing. Can be kept refrigerated for up to 48 hours.

For optimum results, also drink an abundance of pure water throughout the day.

Ideally enjoyed by "Best Potency Date" on label, and within 3 months after opening. Your freezer door is ideal for preserving potency of Excela-50's nutrients. Remove bottle only long enough to dispense, then keep container tightly closed. Excela-50's travels well at room temp. Protect from light, moisture, oxygen, heat and time.

Excela-50 is protected by moisture & oxygen absorbers, and can be stored in the dark at room temperature for years, and in your freezer even longer. Once opened, please remove the absorber packet and keep frozen (or at least refrigerated) to keep the living enzymes from activating until you are ready to consume them. At room temperature the product should be used within 30 days.

Recommended Use

Enzyme-Rich Superfood for general maintenance. The most peacefully energizing nutritional formula you'll ever experience! Perfect for Health Enthusiasts of all ages.

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