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$$170.34In stockSupplements \ Anti InflammatorySNKIT10

SuperNutrient Corp

Healing Program Phase 1

Initial Package for Chronic Pain Relief

Recover from Inflammatory Pain This Healing Program contains a powerful set of carefully selected supplements. It should be taken until significant improvement is felt, which may be several months. When this Phase 1 is finished, please proceed to 'Healing Program Phase 2' t
SuperNutrient CorpHealing Program Phase 1

SuperNutrient Corp

Healing Program Phase 1

Initial Package for Chronic Pain Relief

  • Eliminate Pain from Inflammation, Headaches and Chronic Fatigue
  • Reverse Chronic or Degenerative Conditions
  • This is THE Answer to Painful, Degeneratvie Diseases
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Recover from Inflammatory Pain

This Healing Program contains a powerful set of carefully selected supplements. It should be taken until significant improvement is felt, which may be several months.

When this Phase 1 is finished, please proceed to "Healing Program Phase 2" that you will stay with until you are symptom-free.

Healing Program Phase 1:

  1. Bio-A-eMulsion-Forte
  2. Platinum-Flax-Borage Oil
  3. Multi-Mineral-Vitamin
  4. Vitamin C Crystals
  5. Sea Plant Minerals
  6. Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids


Most articles you read about inflammatory disease will focus on secondary problems such as, vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalance, mineral resorption, or lowered cell function. They analyze and dissect symptoms of these deficiencies in great detail: muscle pain, back pain, sleeplessness, depression, chronic fatigue, bowel trouble, balance issues, anxiety, joint pain, etc.

The problem is that with this disease, until we discover its underlying cause, we are left in the dark chasing highly variable symptoms. Time and time again you will read, “No one knows the cause of inflammation…” and so those suffering chronic pain believe that they are left with an endless revolving door of symptom care, as their condition worsens, they rush from one temporary relief to the next.

The truth is that the underlying cause of painful inflammatory conditions has been found and thousands of people have been helped. This discovery stemmed from research done by Dr. Brice Vickery on Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD) in the 1980’s. In Dr Vickery's practice an alarming number of his patients had a consistent severe energy imbalance in the pancreas meridian points for protein, carbohydrates, and fat (these points were discovered by Reinholdt Voll, M.D.). These same patients would not hold their chiropractic adjustments. Suspecting structural changes in the spinal disks, Vickery used the CAT scan and MRI to see the structural changes and to confirm his thesis. He developed a testing method he named BEV Tests and the Confirmatory Challenge Tests, and published them in professional journals in 1989 and 1991 for all the medical practitioners to see. These tests showed Grade 1 intradiskal lesions (lesions inside the disks) in all the patients with pancreatic point imbalances. Vickery deduced that even if his patients were eating enough dietary protein, their pancreatic ability to produce digestive enzymes must be inhibited to the such a degree that they were no longer digesting proteins, carbohydrates and fats, leaving them deficient in systemic proteins.

Vickery knew that food must be broken down in the small intestine to its basic components of amino acids before it can be reassembled into systemic proteins in the liver. Partially broken down food is at best useless and at worst irritating to the immune system. If the system does not produce the proper building materials, it cannot carry out maintenance, protection, and repair services in the body. Immune cells, hormones, fluid regulators, brain functions, energy production, structural integrity, clotting factors, nervous tissue, joint receptors, enzymes, and on and on, require adequate amounts of free form amino acids to build systemic protein. Incomplete digestion creates a deficit in these free form amino acids that can be overcome when the pancreas and duodenum are able to make the proper enzymes to support complete digestion.

Vickery created a new testing method. He modified electro-acupuncture (EAV) and combined it with applied kinesiology to create what is now known as The Vickery Method of Testing (TVM). TVM allowed Vickery to rapidly and accurately test hundreds of patients in his research, looking for the best way to support protein assembly in the patients. In the 1990’s he formulated a blend of essential amino acids which when taken between meals, enabled the pancreas to manufacture the necessary enzymes needed to break down food.

This blend (Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids, US Patent 6,203,820) consistently delivers results that no other protein and amino acid supplements can duplicate. Vickery found that the energetic pancreas points rebalanced and the spinal disks began to regenerate within ten to twelve hours of taking this amino acid blend. This was confirmed with CAT scans and MRIs.

During the years when Vickery was researching protein deficiency, pain from inflammation was becoming a problem for many people, although not recognized as a disease. Using TVM Vickery found that not only did all these people have DDD and protein deficiency, but also they were carrying various bacterial and viral infections. Every one of these patients carried a load of heavy metals such as lead or mercury that the liver could not flush, allowing them to recirculate and become stored in the fat, cartilage and finally bones. The patients were also deficient in organic sulfur. Most were also deficient in vitamins C and A, in iodine, and essential fatty acids. Many were deficient in chlorides - they were not eating enough salt!

Vickery also found that most had a systemic fungal overgrowth, especially of candida albicans. He found that if these patients did not follow a strict no-carbohydrate diet for at least a month, that the body would not heal itself of disease, even with the needed systemic protein supplementation.

If the zero-carb candida diet was followed along with Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids and the supplements, testing showed that the body was able to rid itself of viruses and bacteria within the first three to four months. As long as the patient followed a reasonable (protein-rich) diet and continued taking the program supplements, the long-term damage done to the body would continue to heal.

For instance, patients with serious liver malfunction feel significantly better just after one month. In order for their liver to completely heal, they need to stay on therapeutic dosage of Platinum Plus Amino Acids for a full year. Vickery added extra sulfur and molybdenum to his blend in order to aid liver detoxification pathways to flush poisons, waste materials and heavy metals from the body, as well as address the sulfur deficiency he found in most people.

Chronic inflammatory conditions are still viewed by mainstream medical professionals as a collection of various symptoms that they are struggling to connect into a “cause.” This is caused by their devotion to the concept of "silver bullet" solution to illness.

Protein deficiency in the body causes it to become open to all manner of deficiencies, diseases, and symptoms. Vickery’s testing and research on fibromyalgia led him to the conclusion that there were five cornerstones of this disease:

  1. protein deficiency
  2. DDD running the length of the spine
  3. sulfur deficiency
  4. heavy metal toxicity
  5. viral infection.

When the protein deficiency is effectively addressed, DDD (back problems) is reversed and other deficiencies, toxicity and infections can be also reversed.

Further testing helped Vickery to develop this Healing Program, which has successfully helped thousands of people to reverse their disease.

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"The Two-Edged Sword Diet" Candida Cookbook will be added to your first order.

If you do not respond fast enough, and your thyroid is not functioning properly, we need to substitute Sea-Aloe Gold (minerals, aloe & kelp for thyroid support) for the Sea Plant Minerals.

Bio-A-eMulsion-Forte (Drops: 30ml/1oz)

Support Your Eyes and Liver
Vitamin A is necessary for healthy functioning of the immune system, maintaining epithelial tissue (found in the eyes, gastrointestinal tract & skin), formation of bones and teeth, and aids in fat storage. It acts as an antioxidant, protecting against cancer formation, pollution and other diseases. This important vitamin also slows the aging process.

Platinum-Flax-Borage Oil (120 caps)

Reverse Chronic Inflammation
To aid in recovery from surgery, soft tissue trauma or inflammation, and strengthen immune function. Also excellent for your skin, hair, and balancing hormones.

Multi-Mineral-Vitamin (90 tabs)

Professional Grade Multivitamin
Important nutrients you need to reverse immune system trouble. Replenish the nutrients your food may be missing. To nourish, detoxify and to restore proper cellular function.

Vitamin C Crystals (Powder: 227g/8oz)

Immune Booster and Antioxidant Activator
If you get frequent colds, you definitely need this. As an immune system enhancer, vitamin C provides protection from oxidation, aging, tumors, and the harmful effects of pollution. It also prevents infections. It has been shown to reduce cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, and prevent hardening of the arteries.

Sea Plant Minerals (90 caps)

Balanced Nutrition
Natural support for thyroid, breasts, ovaries and prostate. Control your metabolism, disinfect your blood, supports cardiovascular health and detoxifies from heavy metals.

Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids (120 caps)

Restore Your Immune System
Repair Damage from Poor Digestion
Eliminate All Joint Aches and Pains
Thousands of people have been healed from chronic pain with this specialized amino acid supplementation therapy. It restores your immune system and thereby your health and vitality.


Directions for Use

Take Platinum Plus Amino Acids at leat 15 minutes before eating (on empty stomach), 6 per day, preferably in evenly spaced doses (2 caps 3x per day). Or 4 in the morning and 2 at night.

The rest take as written up on the bottles, with food, every day.

We recommend Coconut Oil, natural Salt, and fermented foods (like kim-chi, sauerkraut, kombucha). Have Hemp for protein (Taro is good).

Milk products: yogurt and kefir are OK, but pasteurized milk is not. Most cheeses will not do you much good. Most gluten grains are not all that good. Use taro, rice, millet in moderation - carbohydrates feed the yeast in your body.
The MEVY - meat, eggs, veggies and yogurt - diet has been used successfully by many people using the healing program.

Recommended Use

Initial Healing Phase for Chronic Pain Relief. Use this program to start recovery from chronic inflammatory pain, heavy metal toxicity and degenerative disease.

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