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HumaLife-Doc of Detox

Fulvic Acid Concentrate

Miracle Molecule for Your Health

Today's produce is not grown using the same processes or devotion to nutrition that was standard for farmers in the past. As a result, there are fewer nutrients readily available in the foods we eat. Fulvic acid is one of the components of healthy soil that makes your food more nutritious an
HumaLife-Doc of DetoxFulvic Acid Concentrate, both
Fulvic Acid Concentrate, both
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HumaLife-Doc of Detox

Fulvic Acid Concentrate

Miracle Molecule for Your Health

  • Rebranding under way = Doc of Detox
  • Enhance Nutrient Absorption, Speed Up Detoxification
  • Remove Heavy Metals and Radiation From Your Body
  • Regrow Brain Cells and Repair Your Cellular DNA
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Fulvic Acid Concentrate 60ml/2oz
60 ml = 2 oz
Fulvic Acid Concentrate 500ml/16.9oz
500 ml = 16.9 oz
  • Enhance Nutrient Absorption, Speed Up Detoxification
  • Remove Heavy Metals and Radiation From Your Body
  • Regrow Brain Cells and Repair Your Cellular DNA



Today's produce is not grown using the same processes or devotion to nutrition that was standard for farmers in the past. As a result, there are fewer nutrients readily available in the foods we eat. Fulvic acid is one of the components of healthy soil that makes your food more nutritious and plentiful. Using fulvic acid concentrate is a simple way to get the nutrients that are missing from fruits and vegetables to help create a stronger immune system, increase energy and produce an overall improved feeling of well-being with highly effective detox properties. Fulvic Acid makes you more tolerant of stress, reduces your susceptibility to infections, and a number of life-threatening health conditions including blood pressure and mood disorders.

Fulvic Acid The Miracle Molecule for Your Health

Pain, irregularity, disease and stress decrease and in many cases disappear, bringing about a more balanced healthy mind and body. Your hair, teeth, bones, skin and cells will rejuvenate and glow with optimum health when you take fulvic acid as part of your daily regime.

Fulvic Acid attracts to itself 3 times its own weight in heavy metals or radioactive isotopes and alters the ionic form of those toxins into non-toxic elements. The Concentrate works as a natural detox agent to eliminate the dangerous toxins from the body that can make you sick.

  • Pain, irregularity, immune deficiencies improve.
  • Hair, nails, skin, teeth, bones and cells rejuvenate.
  • Diseases and stresses diminish.
  • Eye sight improves naturally.
  • Homeostasis returns!
  • Enhance Nutrient Absorption, Speed Up Detoxification
  • Remove Heavy Metals and Radiation From Your Body
  • Regrow Brain Cells and Repair Your Cellular DNA
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HLFAC500 HLFAC500Drops: 500 ml = 16.9 ozOut of Stock$159.00BUY
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Fulvic Acid has some amazing external benefits as well as taken internally...

  • Powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Transports nutrients into cells
  • Powerful natural electrolyte
  • Increases bio availability of nutrients and minerals
  • Alkalizes and detoxifies blood
  • Regenerates and hydrates cells
  • It acts as a wide spectrum antimicrobial and fungicide
  • Neutralizing poison ivy and poison oak
  • It removes discoloration due to skin bruises
  • Helps to treat open wounds, cuts and abrasions
  • Kills pathogens responsible for athletes foot
  • It helps to treat rashes, skin irritations, insect and spider bites
  • Heal burns with minimum pain or scarring

Fulvic acid is part of the humic structure in composition. Being a significantly smaller molecule than humic acid, it has the ability to penetrate the cell and mitochondria of the cell, attracting to itself 3 times its weight in heavy metals or radioisotopes altering the ionic form of those toxins, which means it is efficient in removing toxins out of your cells and out of your body.

Fulvic Acid enters the cell wall of the mitochondria and tells the cell to make more ATP, the universal currency of energy. ATP energy increases a positive charge, your life force returns.

Results: Optimal energy flow is increased. Fulvic stimulates food metabolism of proteins to re-grow damaged and dying cells. It catalyzes vitamins & minerals, and improves enzyme reactions, while scavenging toxic heavy metals and radiation. Life force returns and youthful feelings resonate in a healthier body, mind and spirit.

One of the most amazing talents of Fulvic Acid is the powerful and diverse spectrum of immune system responses it stimulates in the human body. Fulvic Acid not only boosts your immunity, it regulates the immune system. Fulvic Acid is unparalleled in its ability to act as a natural immuno-modulator.

Our humic comes from a fresh water source, millions of years old, in Alberta, Canada. Our humic source is certified organic and we use a mechanical extraction process for the fulvic and humic concentrates, which gives us a higher percentage fulvic than any other fulvic we have tested. Plus we have smaller molecules than any other fulvic tested, which means much higher quality.

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Fulvic acid mechanically extracted from certified organic humate to provide the highest and purest concentration of 3% fulvic acid on the market.


Directions for Use

Take 10 drops in a glass of water or juice, 2 to 3 times daily until your body detoxifies, repairs and regulates itself. Minimize any detox symptoms by taking less. Once you are past the detox phase, you can increase your daily intake to about 15 drops, 3 times per day.

Like any supplement, Fulvic acid needs to be taken on a daily basis to feel optimal results.

Fulvic Acid used for internal and external application. Safe for all ages.

Recommended Use

Bring back your life force and homeostasis with Fulvic Acid the superior anti-aging and rejuvenation supplement.


Depending on your state of health, a healing crisis may occur. Every person will have different symptoms in varying intensities. It is only your body eliminating what is not welcome and a necessary process in healing.

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