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$$129.16Health Concerns \ FatigueLESKES

Life Enthusiast

Energy Support Bundle

Increase Your Energy

Low energy no matter what you do? Rebuild your energy system with our unique combination of cutting-edge, energy-enhancing products. AuraSil (Ecklonia 30: 340g/12oz) AuraSil is
Life EnthusiastEnergy Support

Life Enthusiast

Energy Support Bundle

Increase Your Energy

  • Get Your Life Back
  • Finish Your Day with Leftover Energy
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Low energy no matter what you do?

Rebuild your energy system with our unique combination of cutting-edge, energy-enhancing products.

AuraSil (Ecklonia 30: 340g/12oz)

AuraSil is our base-line product for rejuvenation: build solid health, more energy and restore all connective tissue strength and flexibility. Silica is found in every cell, organ and system. It is a building block for every physical structure of your body.

Silica levels are chronically low in people with degenerative ailments and premature signs of aging - especially cholesterol clogged arteries, high blood pressure, tumors, blood sugar issues, bone loss, poor bone mending, pain from inflammation (back pain, stiff aching joints), urinary infections, irregular digestive tract, ulcers, skin inflammation, easy bruising, bulging veins and low immunity to air-transmitted colds and flu. AuraSil relieves these painful consequences

Active H2 (60 tabs/450mg)

Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy, Support Immune System

Recent research proves that Molecular Hydrogen is a powerful nutrient. More than 400 scientific publications - including 30+ human studies - show that Molecular Hydrogen is involved in nearly every area of physiology, especially at the cellular level.

Studies show that Molecular Hydrogen benefits have three primary methods:

  • Instantly converts the most toxic free radicals to water
  • Supports the homeostatic levels of your body's antioxidants (e.g. glutathione)
  • Beneficial effects on cell signalling, cell metabolism, and gene expression offering important wellness benefits.

Barley Gold (Protein Powder: Level 1: 16 oz)

Rebuild your cells from Allergic and Autoimmune reactions that drain your energy. Barley Gold provides a bountiful, natural balance of exponentially enhanced nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibre and antioxidants) through a revolutionary 4-point Bionomics process.

Barley Gold is a nutritional protein food supplement - a foundation for any diet to help you reach peak performance with all your body systems and functions. With more enzymes and nutrients than any other protein supplement, Barley Gold is highly digestible (alive) with bountiful nutrients, raising it beyond the category of a Superfood to BIONOMIC!

ATP Plus Energy (Drops: 60ml/2oz)

Supercharge Your Cells For Physical Endurance

Raise your focus, balance, vibration, integrity and vitality. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the most widely delivered, high-energy compound within your body. It's considered to be the pure energy engine of life as we know it. Used to build tissue, contract muscles and generate electrical impulses in nerves. It supplies energy to your heart muscle, and other muscles for movement. Studies suggest that ATP provides 95% of all your cellular energy. Without it, life would cease.

  • Powerful natural electrolyte
  • Increases bioavailability of nutrients and minerals
  • Alkalizes and detoxifies blood
  • Regenerates and hydrates cells
  • Acts as a wide-spectrum antimicrobial and fungicide

As a transporter of energy-rich and bio-electrically charged nutrients and minerals, the Fulvic acid electrolytes greatly increase the percentage rate of absorption through the digestive system of minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and herbs into the circulatory system.

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