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Matrix Nutrients

Rabdosia/Dong Ling Cao Complex

Natural Powerful Antioxidant

Potent Antioxidant, Cellular Renewal Rabdosia Extract, Green Tea, Resveratrol and Rutin These four powerhouse ingredients work synergistically to provide an incredibly potent antioxidant with anti-carcinogenic and immune boosting properties (especially for throat and esop
Matrix NutrientsRabdosia plus Resveratrol Complex

Matrix Nutrients

Rabdosia/Dong Ling Cao Complex

Natural Powerful Antioxidant

  • Potent Antioxidant for Breast, Prostate, Liver and Esophagus Health
  • Promotes Natural Cell Death
  • Anti-aging and Immune Boosting
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  • Potent Antioxidant
  • Promotes Natural Cell Death
  • Anti-aging Supplement Too



Potent Antioxidant, Cellular Renewal

Rabdosia Extract, Green Tea, Resveratrol and Rutin

These four powerhouse ingredients work synergistically to provide an incredibly potent antioxidant with anti-carcinogenic and immune boosting properties (especially for throat and esophagus issues).

Our unique blend of Rabdosia, Green Tea Powder, Resveratrol and Rutin works synergistically to aid the body in the

removal of free radicals and protects against various cancers. It is also beneficial for the treatment of strep throat and pharyngitis.

Rabdosia/Dong Ling Cao

This herb is antispasmodic (relaxes smooth muscles) and has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for decades, Rabdosia Rubescens (Dong Ling Cao, Bing Ling Cao or blushred rabdosia) for its many beneficial health properties, treating various health conditions such as tumors of the esophagus, prostate, breast and liver, swelling of throat, insect bites, snake bites, inflammation of tonsils, etc. It also enhances the functions of stomach, lung and liver channels to clear heat and toxins, nourish yin, removes blood stasis and relieves swelling and pain.

Rabdosia has also been noted in published research by the American Cancer Society as enhancing chemotherapy effectiveness as a stand-alone, providing minimal toxicity and no reported hormonal side effects, which are typical concerns in conventional therapies used today. Rabdosia is not intended to replace medical treatment, however efficacy, especially in early stages of these diseases, has been well-established in scientific literature of animal and in vitro studies.

Green Tea Powder (Matcha)

One of nature's most powerful antioxidants to prevent aging and chronic disease - a single serving has 137 times the antioxidants and the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of brewed green tea. A vital ingredient in promoting overall well-being.

Matcha tea contains a uniquely potent class of antioxidant called catechins. Of those, EGCg (Epigallocatechingallate) has been found in 60% of the catechins of Matcha - most effective in tumor fighting and health enhancing, to counteract effects of free radicals like UV rays, radiation and pollution - all can lead to cell and DNA damage.

Green Tea Powder is a finely ground powder of green tea leaves, shade-grown and dried in a special way.


Resveratrol is naturally found in great concentrations in the skin of red grapes, blueberries and dark chocolate, and is a major phytoalexin produced by plants in response to various stresses, and promotes disease resistance.

In plants, phytoalexin acts as part of the plant's immune/defense system against invading fungi. In humans, phytoalexin works as a most potent antioxidant: a compound which scavenges free radicals before they can do damage to your cells' DNA. This prevention of oxidation is resveratrol's most well-known effect and is the reason for it being called an "anti-aging" supplement.

Resveratrol has been documented to elevate HDL (good cholesterol) while lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) and reduce inflammation, particularly in blood vessels - a contributing factor in heart disease. Some animal studies show evidence that resveratrol inhibits cellular events associated with tumor initiation, promotion and progression.


Well known for reducing pain, helping patients with osteoarthritis, and reducing swelling post-surgery.

Of all flavanoids, Rutin has the most potent anti-tumor properties, showing significant tumor size reduction, especially in colorectum and lungs.

  • Antioxidant (inhibits cell damage)
  • Cytoprotective (protects against harmful agents)
  • Vasoprotective (protects any channel carrying a fluid, such as blood or lymph)
  • Anticarcinogenic (fights off tumors)
  • Neuroprotective (protects nerves and nervous system)
  • Cardioprotective activities (protects heart).

Rutin, also called rutoside or Vitamin P, is a bioflavonoid found in apples, figs, citrus fruits and asparagus.

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All Matrix supplements provide nutrients in a Whole Food Matrix which means they will be presented to your body in the same form as they are in food. Food Matrix nutrients have been tested by independent laboratories who found that they:

  • Are significantly better absorbed, longer retained and better used than standard chemical supplements.
  • Do not need to be taken with food because they inherently contain all food factors necessary for absorption.
  • Nourish the body part where they're needed.
  • Have no known allergic reactions.
  • Are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
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Rabdosia Extract - 100mg
Green Tea Powder - 120mg
Resveratrol - 10mg
Rutin - 10mg

Product Non-Ingredients: 
Vegetable cellulose capsules.

Free From:
Wheat, starch, gluten, soy, added sugars, colorings, flavorings, preservatives, binders, fillers.

Manufactured with filtered water only.


Directions for Use

Take 1 capsule daily, or as directed by a practitioner. Can be taken with or without food.

Recommended Use

Anti aging supplement and potent antioxidant for protection against damage from free radicals.

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