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Ocean Alchemy

White Dove

Helps Astral Projection, Lucid Drreaming & Meditation

The White Dove is prepared from an Alchemical combination of Methods and materials including Rhodium, Iridium and Gold. It is a product of fire alchemy. Users find it to be very energizing and conducive to creating a 'space' within which One may make progress in such practices as astral proj
Ocean AlchemyWhite Dove

Ocean Alchemy

White Dove

Helps Astral Projection, Lucid Drreaming & Meditation

  • Supports Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Meditation and Healing Work
  • Very Energizing - Enhances All Other Alchemical Preparations
  • Effective companion to other ormus products
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The White Dove is prepared from an Alchemical combination of Methods and materials including Rhodium, Iridium and Gold. It is a product of fire alchemy. Users find it to be very energizing and conducive to creating a "space" within which One may make progress in such practices as astral projection, lucid dreaming, and intense meditations. It is recommended as an enhancement to all other preparations that we make.

The White Dove is prepared from an Alchemical combination of Methods and materials including Rhodium, Iridium and Gold. It is a product of fire alchemy. Users find it to be very energizing and conducive to creating a "space" within which One may make progress in such practices as astral projection, lucid dreaming, and intense meditations. It is recommended as an enhancement to all other preparations that we make.

This elixir has also been called M-3, although this is not the whole story. The M-3 solution, made by the Sodium Burn process from the Essene's black sand, is the emen-ra (hidden light) in the process of making The White Dove, which involves another five process steps yielding an elixir with a unique energy signature and increased ORMUS gold content.

The ORMUS/M-state content is approximately 64% M-Rhodium, 19% M-Gold and 15% M-Iridium.

  • Supports Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Meditation and Healing Work
  • Very Energizing - Enhances All Other Alchemical Preparations
  • Effective companion to other ormus products
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Customer Reviews

Top Reviews

Health improved

by Robert A on February 07, 2008
Verified Purchase

Don's White Dove and Elixir of Life is the reason I can walk after years of going downhill in my back. It's been five years this spring since I first took Don's mannas. They have also had quite positive effects on my wife and all of our children.

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restored liver function

by Valued Customer on August 23, 2012
Verified Purchase

"White Dove and Hepatitis C I am a 50 year old Greek-American, born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. I am currently living in Liverpool, England with my boyfriend of twelve years, where I have a career as a vocalist. Seven years ago in 2000, I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. At that time, I had a biopsy and blood work, and was told to return for more tests in four years. There was nothing the doctors could do for me. I did some research and started eating a macrobiotic diet, including organic foods. When I returned four years later, in 2004 and had more blood work done, the doctor suggested a five-month interferon treatment. I got quite ill with the side effects, as they are similar to chemotherapy. I was loosing appetite and weight, tired much of the time, loosing my hair and I started having low blood pressure and hypertension. I couldn't sleep and I could barely hold my head up. One week after I completed the interferon treatment, I flew from Liverpool to Florida to visit my family. On the third day in Florida I started getting really sick and passing out. I felt awful and knew I had to do something, so I called my friend Joy in Oregon. Joy sent me some white gold manna called M3 (White Dove) made by Don Nance. That was in April of 2007. I took the M3 for a month and my symptoms got worse. In May when I returned to England, I went to the hospital and had blood work again, they said I still had hepatitis C, the interferon treatment did not work. All I could do was wait for a new medical treatment to come out on the market. I was devastated. I decided to continue taking the manna, and did so for six months, from April to September of 2007. Joy told me it was magic water, and would actually do as I instructed it to, and that if I took it with love and asked it to take the hepatitis away, that it would. I did that for five more months, six months in all, and then I was off it for two months. I started gaining weight back again in September. In October 2007 I started feeling better. It was a very emotional time in my life. That is a story in itself. Even though my life was going through physical, emotional, and business turmoil, I had a deep sense of love that got me through a very challenging period of weeks. I also am sleeping naturally (no sleeping aids) for the first time in years and years. I now function very well getting five to six hours of sleep a night and have great energy during the day. I am also in better singing voice and have had no sinus problems lately. In mid November I had more blood work done, and ultra sound. During the ultra sound the nurse said my liver looked normal. A week later, when I got the blood work back, the doctor told me that I had absolutely no hepatitis C in my system, and that my blood work showed no trace of it at all. And then she told me that I am a miracle, and she has never, ever seen this happen before. That was two weeks ago. Perhaps you can imagine my amazement, great gratitude and humility at being graced with this miraculous healing. I believe that a combination of diet, M3, my strong faith in God, energy healing sessions and positive attitude have worked together to restore my health. This experience has enhanced my spiritual life in many ways. I have always been on a spiritual path, and believe in being positive, even, and especially in the face of danger and potential negativity. My faith and belief systems certainly were tested in the most extreme ways during the period of time I was taking the M3. My whole life came to a head; financially, physically, relationship wise, even legal issues came to bite me hard. I took a big hit. I could have been broken, but somehow have risen, like a Phoenix, if you will. I feel that I am blessed and I am willing to talk and sing to any one who wants to hear."

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Lucid dreams

by Valued Customer on August 23, 2012
Verified Purchase

When I started taking Elixir of Life and White Dove, Don warned me that dreams would come. I had 2 particularly lucid important dreams, possibly prophetic, in any case very meaningful. The rest of the dreams were just goofy crazy dreams, the kind of stuff that happens when the mind is dealing with the events of life and trying to sort everything out. We all have these dreams, it's just that you don't remember them unless you're in a twilight state of sleep. Trying to attach too much meaning to these sorts of dreams will make you chase your tail. After I started taking White Dove only, this stopped. When I resumed taking Elixir of Life, this started again. Finally I realized, Elixir of Life winds me up just a little too tight sometimes. I have to back off of it a bit to get enough hard sleep. ~DB

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How to use ormus

by Valued Customer on August 23, 2012
Verified Purchase

"I recommend Don Nance's Ocean Alchemy products in this sequence: Dead Sea Gold (Dead Sea salt extract by wet method. You can make this yourself.) White Dove (I was visited by angels as bodies of light after five months taking only these first two products. I saw archangel Michael after seven months.) Golden Tear (after 18 months this is all I took and still take.) If you can adjust to the effects of the first two, continue with them or step up to the third. Don says its the closest thing to pure white powder of gold in a salt water solution. I for one experienced his products as the most powerful of all that I have sampled. Mountain Manna products also work, but I feel they are less concentrated than the Golden Tear. I also tried his Copper Elixir, which is available if you request it. I only tried a 2 fl oz sample, once. But then something wonderful happened. So I think it must work. I took White Dove and Dead Sea Gold from www.oceanalchemy.com for 5 months before I had my first encounter with angels. I sent four angels to a woman and other people saw them. You can read their reports of the four angels who appeared only as balls of light at www.cyberspaceorbit.com/wpflap.html. I also prayed everyday and practiced a spiritual walk. You need to continue taking it forever, as the effects cease when you stop taking them. The effects and talents increase over time, but I think that its partly a learning process. At the end of nine months I was seeing auras and experiencing telepathy. I have also had OOBEs in which people saw me. My experiences with angels got better. Eventually I saw Michael and Gabriel. Love, peace, Light Larry Schamber"

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Helped with Lyme disease

by Valued Customer on August 23, 2012
Verified Purchase

"My name is Tracy. I've been taking ORMUS, White Dove from Ocean Alchemy for less than two weeks. I have a 10 year history of mounting immune disorders that finally culminated in an unvalidated diagnosis of disseminated Lyme disease. Really a textbook case w/the rash and virtually every other symptom that goes along with it (and there are many). My interest in taking ORMUS was health related. However, in this illness I found there to be only a very thin veil separating the difference between spirituality and health. One of the most cumbersome effects of this illness has been numbness in my extremities due to the disease. I was already tired when I took my first dose of ORMUS I took 1 tsp. followed it with water and laid down for an afternoon nap. Less than 10 minutes after I took it I began to feel a sensation in the numbest areas of my body. I can only describe it as a vibrating, electrical sensation. It was very strange. Out of all of the supplements I have taken only this ORMUS has had such an immediately obvious impact. This sort of sensation after each dosage continued for approximately four days. It subsided between dosages. Additionally, for the first two days of administration I was so tired, exhausted. It was welcome because good sleep has been scarce in the past decade. After the first four days or so my energy was increased but still I felt the need for sleep. And sleep has thankfully become a more peaceful affair. My breathing is deeper, slower. Perhaps I am getting more oxygen; this is only a guess. Also, as a side-benefit in my circumstances, my dreams have come back to me. They had disappeared in the past decade and I have missed them. I had always lived partly in my dreams. They had informed me and taught me in the past. It has been like finding a lost friend. For the first two days, when I was experiencing that drunken type of exhaustion I also had a different sense of time. I SAW (literally visually) things, seemingly insignificant things, that I had never NOTICED before. They were things as insignificant as the fence dividing highway lanes, other cars on the road. I can now tell you about the fence dividing the highway lanes on 183 in Irving near the Carl Road exit. It is a black chain link fence embedded in a concrete wall. I don't get this part but as you can see it stuck with me. While I am aware that there are no nerve endings in our brains I would swear to you that I had a strange feeling in my brain that was in the frontal lobe section of my brain but, extending just beyond it. This feeling lasted for about two days then subsided. During a phone conversation with one of my friends I was accused of being drunk. I don't drink. I was just that effected. Now, all of this was fun compared to what came next. I started having pains all over; mostly in areas that had been negatively affected at one time or another. This was not amusing since my mission was to return to health, to dispel the illness and get well. For a few days I wasn't sure if I was getting worse instead of better. It was a bit like being on a roller coaster. I just felt like I had to hold on. The numbness would subside then reappear, subside then reappear elsewhere. I have hurt, certainly not severely, just sort of reminder kind of pains since the fifth day. I am hoping that has subsided. Today was relatively pain free. As a note to anyone reading this. I have studied much in the past year since I was bedridden in June 2003 with this illness (didn't know what I was dealing with for a long time though). I have been on strict diets, and taken lots of supplements. Never taken antibiotics for Lyme because I have yet to read of a single case of disseminated Lyme disease that has been cured by antibiotic therapy which is always long term and will also begin a sort of death in the colon. I say this because I would encourage anyone who reads this and might be suffering from some sort of hard-to-defeat illness to find a robust program for a return to health. Your body is really more like a plant with feet. You need fertilizer (vitamins, minerals and bacteria), just like the dirt needs to make a healthy plant. The bacteria are adjuvants in both vegetative organisms and in animals. That I am feeling better is no overnight miracle and I feel cannot be attributed to one product. Additionally, I post my experience on this forum so that you might see my testimony to what I believe in my heart is a profound reaction to ORMUS Light and Wisdom to us all, Sincerely, Tracy Tucker, 214.493.8914"

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treat the alzheimer disease

by Valued Customer on September 20, 2016
Verified Purchase

i am from volos.Greece ,i bought the white dove for my father who suffered of alzheimer disease ,after five days with a little dose of the doctors drugs dissapeared his problems.i am sure the white dove treat this disease thanks ocean alchemy.

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Monatomic Rhodium, Iridium and Gold.

Contains no alcohol, in a salty brine solution.


Directions for Use

Recommended dosage is one dropperful, once or twice per day.

Recommended Use

Supports astral projection, lucid dreaming, meditation and healing work. Very energizing and it enhances all other alchemical preparations.

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What Are ORMUS Minerals?

Ormus elements are minerals that appear to be intrinsic to all life and are likely directly associated with consciousness and life-force energy. Because of their misidentification using traditional scientific mineral analysis techniques, the Ormus minerals may be essential minerals that have been misidentified as calcium, magnesium, silica, alumina

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I don't waste my time (a gift) trying to transmute metal for profit. I spend my time making and learning to make those elixirs which will heal and enlighten.

Ocean Alchemy Inventor's Story

I have now mastered the art of making the Manna by several methods and from many sources. I make it from ocean water, Great Salt Lake water, Dead Sea water, from minerals and from the black sand

Biography David Pilz - The Oracle

David Pilz is trained and certified as an alternative health & holistic practitioner, a Certified Master Healer and Instructor, plus he continues to actively study and train in many complimentary healing systems like Reiki, Reflexology & Crystals, sacred ceremonies and more.

About Ocean Alchemy

Ocean Alchemy products are believed to help cell to cell communication, strengthen your immune system, repair damaged DNA.

Back Pain and ORMUS

I know I harbored a wicked strain of bacteria in my sinuses that were sooner or later going to kill me after all the antibiotics failed.

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ORMUS Alchemy for Physical Healing and Spiritual Enlightenment


Iridium is scarce in soils, except certain volcanic soils and those near ancient, major meteor strikes. The utilizable monatomic form of Iridium is even scarcer.

Frankincense, Guggal and ORMUS

According to the Bible, Jesus was brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Was it White Gold?

Historical Spiritual Traditions

all alchemical traditions held that their knowledge was very ancient, and had been passed down as an oral tradition among initiates since the very foundations of human civilization

Ocean Alchemy, Technical Notes

I have had all of my Mannas assayed by either MS/ES ICP or Neutron activation. While these methods do not allow us to see the ORMUS/M-state content they tell us whether there are any toxins or metals in them.

ORMUS Definitions

The ORMUS elements look like they might be this quantum coherent connector for information and energy in the body. They seem to function as the keystone in the bridge between spirit and matter

ORMUS Research and Education

Since 1995, Barry Carter has been conducting experiments with water modified by ORMUS. He has written numerous articles on the subject and leads workshops around the country where he demonstrates three methods of producing ORMUS water.


By increasing the Essence in the body on a cellular level, more spiritual intelligence can be expressed through both the mind and body, thus enabling the body and mind to attain a more integrated, holistic state of functioning.

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