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SuperNutrient Corp

Book: Two-Edged Sword Diet

by Dr. Brice Vickery

Over 70 Recipes! Learn how to eliminate candida through natural dietary changes Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinners, plus bonus desserts, salad dressings, list of permitted foods and exciting ideas to make your 3 months on the diet that much easier. Ideal c
SuperNutrient CorpBook: Two-Edged Sword Diet

SuperNutrient Corp

Book: Two-Edged Sword Diet

by Dr. Brice Vickery


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Over 70 Recipes!

Learn how to eliminate candida through natural dietary changes

Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinners, plus bonus desserts, salad dressings, list of permitted foods and exciting ideas to make your 3 months on the diet that much easier.

Ideal companion for SuperNutrient Healing Programs.

Two and a half years in the making! Making getting rid of chronic pain even easier!

After thousands of requests we proudly present the diet book that is so important in many conditions associated with candida and gluten sensitivity. Now available, 1st edition printed version, on glossy paper, and in full color, this priceless information is available today.


Cuts the Heart out of Chronic Pain from Inflammation

When deciding upon the proper nutrient protocol for your patient, it is important to determine whether or not there is a yeast infection. Many times when the system has been protein deficient for a period of time and the patient has had other influences such as antibiotic treatments or high sugar, carbohydrate habits there will be some level of yeast infection in the system. If this is the case the patient must go on a diet that effectively suppresses yeast. Without such a diet the patient will not experience the benefits of their newly activated protein stores. This is because the yeast metabolites will compete for cellular receptor pace with the newly formed proteins and most of the time the yeast wins. This produces a situation in which progress is minimal.

I have tested patients who (over the months) will not adhere to their diet - their progress is barely measurable with my testing kit. Without proper foods, their symptoms remain unchanged. Yeast must be suppressed.

Yeast infections are often accompanied by a hypersensitive gut that is intolerant of a number of foods, one of the most common being grain gluten. Gluten sensitivity causes the gut to become inflamed and thickened giving rise to various degrees of malabsorption.

While gluten and yeast are certainly the two most common problems, other individual food sensitivities will pertain to individuals. A diet that cuts out all yeast promoting foods and gluten for a period of time will encourage the gut to heal to the point that protein metabolism can begin work on full body healing, including the gut. The diet also needs to slowly phase foods back into the diet in a way that teaches patients to observe their own particular reactions and identify their unique food sensitivities. A person who has reduced swelling and yeast in their gut to the point where they are ready to tolerate berries may not be able to tolerate nuts. The Two-Edged Sword Diet is designed to zone people through a three phase, three-month diet that takes the most common sensitivities and addresses them in terms of yeast and gluten. However, the health care practitioner and their client will have to be aware that people are different. While the beginning zone (red zone) of the diet allows for cream and yogurt, their may be individuals whose guts cannot tolerate these foods. When transitioning into each of the phases patients should be encouraged to add foods slowly and observe their mood, energy levels and physical reactions to foods for possible food sensitivities, regardless of whether the diet allows them in a particular phase. Once a food sensitivity is identified, that food should be eliminated from the diet for another four or five weeks and then carefully reintroduced under observation.

Usually the diet works very well as designed and most people will do well with the three zones as presented in the book. The Red Zone is the most strict and is based on the basic MEVY diet (meat, eggs vegetables, yogurt), the Yellow Zone allows low sugar fruits such as berries and legumes such as beans, and the Green Zone allows grains back in. The purpose of this book is to resolve the yeast infection, deflame the swollen gut and deal with food sensitivities. All three of these things present a roadblock to Platinum Plus and the other nutrient in healing the body.

It should be made clear to patients that the gut heals at its own pace and being careful with their diet will help their while body to heal more quickly.

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Learn how to eliminate candida through natural dietary changes.

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