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TransDerma Minerals


Natural Support for Your Thyroid

What if you could get an optimal level of iodine into your blood and tissues without mega dosing? Your thyroid would have the necessary nutrients it needs to support its proper function without concern for having too much. Nascent iodine, or detoxified atomic iodine, made to th
TransDerma MineralsThyrodine
American Nutrition Association-Brownstein May 2011
Sherry Tenpenny, DO outlines the many disorders
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TransDerma Minerals


Natural Support for Your Thyroid

  • Healthy Thyroid Support - effective non-toxic product
  • Atomic Iodine - effective in loading your thyroid and other glands
  • Stimulate your endocrine system, support sexual and metabolic function
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What if you could get an optimal level of iodine into your blood and tissues without mega dosing?

Your thyroid would have the necessary nutrients it needs to support its proper function without concern for having too much.

Nascent iodine, or detoxified atomic iodine, made to the specification introduced by Edgar Cayce, is non-toxic, highly absorbable, and effective.

  • Healthy Thyroid Support - effective non-toxic product
  • Atomic Iodine - effective in loading your thyroid and other glands
  • Stimulate your endocrine system, support sexual and metabolic function
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Your thyroid gland is one of your body's largest endocrine glands (secretes their hormones directly into your blood). It controls how quickly you use energy, make proteins, and controls how sensitive your body should be to other hormones. The thyroid does this by utilizing both iodine and tyrosine to aid in the production of thyroid hormones such as T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine). Without proper levels of iodine, your thyroid would not be able to maintain production of T3 and T4 and deficiencies can occur.

Solutions? Allopathic medicine says that the microscopic amount of iodine put in table salt is sufficient to meet man's physiological needs. While a more radical school of natural health speaks of taking grams (thousands of milligrams) of iodine at a time and how that is safe. As with everything the truth lies between these two extremes. Those who advocate taking no iodine are trying to make customers for the medical industry. Those who advocate a very high iodine intake are trying to get past its lack of absorption by pumping in more, even if it causes toxicity (which according to toxicology might be had at a level of dosing above 1000 mcg. daily).

Atomic Iodine

Iodine is an essential trace element for life. Iodine's main role is for the making of the thyroid hormone thyroxin. Your thyroid gland actively absorbs iodide from your blood to make and release the hormones T3 and T4 into your blood, actions which are regulated by a second hormone TSH from your pituitary. If your intake of iodine is low, then your thyroid hormone level will be low as well.

In the event of a release of radioactive isotope of iodine (I-131) is one of the toxins found in radioactive fallout. The thyroid absorbs this isotope and this causes serious damage to the thyroid gland. Taking iodine before, and even after a nuclear event, keeps the body from absorbing the isotope into the thyroid.

Benefits of Atomic Iodine

  • Better Energy Management, Endurance
  • Reduced joint and muscle pains
  • Improved elasticity of muscles and tendons
  • Faster healing and repair from injuries
  • More resilient Immune System
  • Clearer Thinking, Less Brain Fog
  • More Insulin Sensitivity, Better Blood Glucose Management
  • Improved Sweating Mechanism for Detoxification
  • Better Elimination
  • Decreased Menstrual Problems (PMS, mood swings)
  • Reduced Body Odors (vaginal, foot, underarm, etc.)
  • Lower Chance of Miscarriage, Greater Baby Birth Weights
  • Effective on Ringworm, and Toenail fungus
  • Warmer Hands and Feet (Thermoregulation)
Customer Reviews

Top Reviews

help the thyroid

by Donna B on August 15, 2010
Verified Purchase

Thank you again for your recommendation. I tested very strong for it I would definitely recommend this wonderful quality product to anyone who may being looking to help their thyroid become healthy, as well as its many other benefits.

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noticed remarkable improvements

by Joan L on September 23, 2010
Verified Purchase

I enjoy reading your newsletter, especially the last one about iodine. I have been taking iodine for the past five or six months and have noticed remarkable improvements. Two months ago, I learned that I have lyme disease which has made me a member of the online lyme community, a community who knows practically nothing about the benefits of iodine. There are thousands who need to know its benefits. Awareness needs to happen on both sides, iodine side and lyme side. I hope you can help with this.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

my testosterone level is up

by Robert A on March 17, 2012
Verified Purchase

The best thing that has ever happened to my testosterone level is to take nascent iodine. Iodine regulates the entire endocrine system, not just the thyroid, and the testes are endocrine glands.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

does exactly what you said

by Gail R on April 24, 2012
Verified Purchase

Thyrodine is very good it does exactly what you said it will do. I'm very happy I ordered it and I will continue to use it.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

Within 2 weeks my feet are warm

by Ronaye M on April 13, 2013
Verified Purchase

Just wanted to thank you for the Thyrodine. Years ago (over 15) I was diagnosed with Raynauds and my feet were always ice cold. Within 2 weeks of using the Thyrodine my feet are warm! Amazing, since I came to you for a concern of possible low thyroid issues and this is an unexpected and happy result.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

After a month my whole life is different

by Rosemarie T on May 14, 2014
Verified Purchase

I started taking Thyrodine about 6 weeks ago. Within 1 week I noticed a difference. It was a subtle feeling of stability. I used to feel sort of shaky no matter what I did but not in a physical way that anyone could see. That feeling went away within a week or so Then I started to notice I had a smoother energy that lasted about 8 hours. My energy usually runs out after 2-3 hours which is a real life stopper. My feet are warmer, my fingernails are growing so long I have to clip them. Usually they chip and break off so that I hardly ever have to clip them. After about a month my whole life is different. I feel a stronger sense of purpose when I do something, rather than the shaky, maybe I will get to it today if I have the energy. I have a stable energy and I can last until 5 or 6 pm every single day. I don't think about my health all the time now. I think there is room to go and I am continuing to feel better still. I had multiple healthy problems and I am also working on those with your products and I am very happy with the results. I am a different person than I was 6 weeks ago. thank you very very much.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

I tried others, your is the best

by Holland F on May 27, 2014
Verified Purchase

I love the Thyrodine. This is the first time I've tried it, and I've only ever used three other brands (2 Lugol's and 1 nascent) of iodine, and this is now my favorite. It feels great. Thanks so much, and the order got her so fast this time! You guys rock.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

had chronic fatigue for years

by Lisa S on September 06, 2014
Verified Purchase

Your Thyrodine drops changed my life! I have had chronic fatigue for years. Sometimes I still wake up really tired, but I just take a few drops in a glass of water, and soon I am up, with energy, doing whatever I want, instead of lying in the bed. I am so grateful, thank you for your advice.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

now have more energy

by Pat K on September 15, 2014
Verified Purchase

I had no energy and felt tired all the time. My Doctor recommended this product to me and I now have more energy and am back to where I should be. I will be re ordering.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

does help with joint and muscle pain

by Eugene S on November 08, 2014
Verified Purchase

I've been using this product for years. It really does help with joint and muscle pain.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

The whole family uses it.

by Mayra A on March 19, 2015
Verified Purchase

Great product great for my health. The whole family uses it.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no

Excellent product

by Sunny S on March 23, 2015
Verified Purchase

Does what it says on the bottle! Good job

Was this review helpful to you? yes no
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Atomic iodine tincture, 1%, grain alcohol.

The solution is activated electromagnetically (to ensure rapid absorption in your body) using the 358.1 low temperature Cayce method which yields the most stable 99% active nascent iodine.

Each drop contains approximately 220 mcg of iodine and can be used internally or topically.


Directions for Use

1 to 12 drops daily as a dietary supplement. Increase slowly to get your activation dose.

Each bottle contains approximately 240 drops.

Recommended Use

Healthy thyroid support.

Help balance emotions. Regulate reproductive organs (ovaries and breasts in women, prostate in men)

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Research work has shown that iodine deficiency in the thyroid presents as a thyroid goiter (enlargement of the thyroid).

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The sicker the patient the more iodine they would need with most average patients needing 25 to 50 mgs with 12 mg being a good maintenance dose though of course this varies with the quality of ones diet and with ones location

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