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$$25.00In stockMinerals \ ZeoliteDS90

ZEO Health


Restore Your Health Through Detoxification

Rebuild Blood and Increase Your Energy Return your body to the pre-industrial pure function and restore health by removing toxins. Destroxin is an excellent supplement for lowering toxins and the stress load they cause. Ultimately its effect is anti-aging. Restore Hea
ZEO HealthDestroxin

ZEO Health


Restore Your Health Through Detoxification

  • Remove Toxins and Boost Your Immune System
  • Use vitamin B12 to Increase Energy and Improve Health
  • Combat Chronic Fatigue and Other Inflammatory Challenges
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Rebuild Blood and Increase Your Energy

Return your body to the pre-industrial pure function and restore health by removing toxins.

Destroxin is an excellent supplement for lowering toxins and the stress load they cause. Ultimately its effect is anti-aging.

Restore Health Through Detoxification

Return your body to the pre-industrial pure function and restore health by removing toxins.

Destroxin contains the amazing natural mineral Zeolite with a unique formula that has been proven to absorb toxins, free radicals and heavy metals from your body, as well as boost your immune system.

This mineral has also been shown to balance your body's pH, creating an environment where foreign cells can not grow.

Rebuild Your Liver and Increase Your Energy

Destroxin is also an excellent supplement for those looking for help with anti-aging.

Vitamin B12 deficiency affects your red blood cell production, reducing your oxygen carrying capacity. The most common name for this is pernicious anemia. Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include very pale skin, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, headache, cold hands and feet, heart palpitations, and chest pain. It will also affect your gastrointestinal tract and may result in enlarged liver (hepatomegaly), nausea, vomiting, heartburn, abdominal bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

  • Remove Toxins and Boost Your Immune System
  • Use vitamin B12 to Increase Energy and Improve Health
  • Combat Chronic Fatigue and Other Inflammatory Challenges
  • Not able to ship to California, per prop 65
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Serving size = 2 capsules, servings per container = 45.

Zeolite 1,600mg/serving (recommended daily value has not been established)
Natural mineral that is negatively charged by nature and acts like a magnet to remove toxins from your body. It also removes excess water from the bowels and has been proven to stop diarrhea fast. Zeolite is made up of elements which are all well known and safe. It is the physical structure of the molecule that makes it effective.

Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin) 100mcg/serving, 1,666% RDA
Necessary vitamin for healthy living, shown to calm the bowels as well as increase oxygen in the blood flow to boost energy. This is also used to replace depleted vitamin B-12 that is a common occurrence in people who have chronic diarrhea or take acid reducing drugs.

Calcium 144mg/serving, 14.4% RDA
Necessary mineral for a healthy body, used to neutralize acid in the stomach which will help relieve the symptoms and high acidity of diarrhea. Calcium has also been shown to firm the stool.

Other Ingredients
Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.


Directions for Use

For Normal Detoxification and Well Being
Take 2 capsules twice a day.

Other Purposes
Take 6 capsules three times a day, or as directed by your health practitioner.

Recommended Use

Remove toxins, boost your immune system and fight symptoms of aging (especially for chronic fatigue) with the all natural mineral Zeolite.

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I took some liquid Zeolite, and I saw a dramatic change with my skin problems just after a week of using it. I noticed that the lesions on both my legs started to dry up, itchiness is gone, and I can now use the different watches I want to wear with no wrist skin eruptions.

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I am proposing a theoretical model for explaining the testimonials of the powerful, across-the-board healing effects of purified zeolite from such health problems as ADD/hyperactivity, addiction, Agent Orange exposure, arthritis, autism, cancer ...

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