Avesa Water System
Best Value In Water FiltrationIf your drinking water consists mainly of tap water or non-alkaline filtered water, it just might be harming you! We all know that water is crucial to our well-being, but how can we hope to stay hydrated in a world filled with pollutants? Introducing the Avesa Wellness Water System with Crystal-Boost Technology! "Proprietary Crystal-Boost technology spins the water and lifts its vibration ... ...
Water Ionizer BHL-4200
Energized, Alkaline WaterCreating the best ion water with pH density control by self-diagnosis Function to mark malfunction by self-diagnosis (Er1 - Er7) Voice message function LCD monitor showing functions Accurate filter replacement indicator Subdivided pH levels (7 Steps) to improve the range of selections for pH density Ultra user-friendly ion water machine Artificial Intelligence Micom method by the ...
Part No: AZ4200
Water Converter - Chlorine
Removes Chlorine - Energizes WaterVersatile Water Filter for 3/4" Water Line Nontoxic and Renewable Filter, Removes Chlorine and Structures Water Removes both free and combined chlorine Compact Design Easy to Install, Easy to Open and Easy to Refill Disk lasts 20,000 gallons or 1 year (replacements available) One Year Warranty on Housing Prills remove toxins - replace annually Pearls structure water - last ...
Part No: TWWCC34
Water Converter - Bathtub
Remove Chlorine/Chloramine from Bath WaterSpare Your Skin and Hair the Harsh Bleaching Effect A quick, easy and convenient way to fill your bath with clean, de-chlorinated water. This Bath Converter removes/reduces chlorine that causes dry, itchy, flaky skin, brittle hair, eye, lung and sinus irritation. Your bathtub will stay cleaner longer because it reduces dirt & sediment, mold, mildew & lime scale deposits and odors. And it ...
Water Ionizer BHL-3700
Better Hydration & pH BalanceComprehensive 6 multilevel filtration system Ion purity ensures through complete sealing to prevent alkaline and acidic waters from mixing Wide pH selection range Easily accessible calcium insert chamber for calcium supplementation if required Conveniently dispenses acidic water Enhanced life expectancy and safety with built-in electronic surge and spire protection Dual installation ...
Part No: AZ3700